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Global Health Certificate

Clemson nursing students earning a global health certificate from the Clemson University School of Nursing

We are excited to announce that NURS 3600 will be offered in the fall of 2021. We do not have information for spring and summer of 2022 at this time. We remain hopefully that the pandemic will continue to subside and the study abroad program will resume in 2022. We must follow the data of the unfolding situation and plans for the summer of 2022 will be further developed in the summer of 2021. For students who are interested in global health and have room in their schedule for an elective – please complete the Intent to Enroll Form.

Hear From Our Students

Clemson Global Health Certificate Student Anna Katsis

Anna Katsis is a student at Clemson University majoring in nursing while working towards completing her Global Health Certification. Her nursing course, Social Determinants of Health in Low Resource Countries, "has brought a great deal of global health issues to my attention and has taught me a lot about providing appropriate nursing care to different cultures around the world." Anna created her blog, A Global Mind, to further explore her passion of helping those who are without basic medical needs. Read what Anna has discovered.

Clemson Global Health Certificate Student Mary Moore

Mary Moore is a member of Clemson University’s Social Determinants of Health in Low Resource Countries class. Her goal is to create posts on important global topics that are insightful, that interest her and hopefully others, and allow further discussion. Please feel free to comment and contribute to the topics mentioned in her blog, Global Topics.

  • Program Overview

    The Certificate in Global Health and the associated study abroad program expands opportunities for Clemson University students from health-related disciplines. The program moves beyond the standard “language and culture” model of study abroad to provide an interprofessional and integrated approach to the challenge of health care delivery across global settings. Focused on the societal issues that influence health care in low resource countries, this program will prepare students to address health disparities in domestic or international settings.

    Many students of health-related programs graduate with little or no preparation for working in low resource countries outside of the United States. This program will offer a broader knowledge of global health with an emphasis on low resource settings and vulnerable populations. Students will develop a foundation for understanding the social determinants that impact health. The curriculum is designed to meet the *CUGH Interprofessional Global Health Competencies for global citizens and specific competencies at the basic operational level. During the capstone study abroad, students will focus on improvement of language skills and engagement through service-learning in underserved/underrepresented communities with a local non-government organization (NGO) in a Latin American country.   *Consortium of Universities for Global Health

  • About the Certificate

    The undergraduate certificate in global health is open to undergraduate students enrolled in health-related disciplines at Clemson University. The 12-credit certificate introduces students to the global burden of disease and globalization of health care, social and environmental determinants of health, ethics and professional practice, health equity and social justice, and collaboration for interdisciplinary approaches to health promotion in low resource countries. Working with faculty, students will strive to achieve cultural humility, increase cultural competence, observe public health projects at the local level, and participate in addressing health disparities in the local communities. The certificate program adheres to The Guidelines for Undergraduate Health-Related Programs Abroad established by The Forum on Education Abroad. Here is a recent publication in the Annals of Global Health Expert Consensus Documents, Recommendations, and White Papers: Preparing Undergraduates for the Global Future of Health Care.

  • How The Certificate Helps You

    Completing an undergraduate certificate in global health gives you tools to operate as a global citizen. Through the courses and a field experience, the student will be able to:

    • synthesize knowledge of current global health issues and assist local health care partners to develop innovative strategies to improve health outcomes in low resource settings;
    • increase cultural competence in health care delivery;
    • strengthen skills for working with indigenous and/or underserved populations;
    • participate in a service learning experience in a low resource country; and,
    • prepare for entry level career positions with NGOs serving underserved populations, public health departments, immigrant health agencies; or
    • to prepare for entry into a master’s degree in public health or global health.
  • Eligibility & Requirements

    All Clemson University undergraduates with a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher who have completed the first core class for the certificate must complete the undergraduate certificate application for the plan of study. You will need several pieces of information to complete the form, including a tentative plan for completing all of the program’s requirements.


    The undergraduate global health certificate is open to undergraduate students currently enrolled in a health-related discipline at Clemson University. Please speak with an advisor if you are unsure if your current major qualifies for the certificate. To complete the certificate, you will complete at least 12 credits hours to include:

    • Six credit hours of core coursework. NURS 3600 Social Determinants of Health in Low Resource Countries (3 credits) and NURS 3610 Leadership and Collaboration for Global Health (3 credits), *note that NURS 3600 is offered in the fall and NURS 3610 is offered in the spring. These courses may not be taken concurrently.
    • Three credit hours of approved supporting requirements . Students may choose from an approved list of supporting requirements depending upon their intended discipline and area of interest.
    • Three credit hours of fieldwork. NURS 3620 study abroad (current trip-i.e. Guatemala). This four-week session will focus on cultural immersion while working and living in a low resource country.
    • *Note both global health courses and the supporting requirement must be completed before participating in NURS 3620.
    Important Notes About Supporting Requirements
    • Some courses are offered by different departments. Electives must be approved prior to registration for consideration as credit towards the certificate.
    • If you have questions about any supporting requirement or courses that you feel might be appropriate to use as an elective, ask a program advisor.
    • Class schedules may change. Check iROAR for the most accurate information.

    Supporting Requirement List (choose one course from the list)

    • Medical Sociology SOC 4800
    • Women in the Developing World ANTH 4230
    • Spanish for Health Professionals SPAN 4150
    • Elementary Spanish SPAN 1010
    • Elementary Spanish SPAN 1020
    • Basic Spanish SPAN 1040
    • Intermediate Spanish SPAN 2010
    • Introduction to Anthropology ANTH 2010
    • Women in Global Perspective WS 1030
    • Globalization and Social Change SOC 4330
  • Study Abroad Additional Requirements

    The online application and travel requirements for the trip can be found at Clemson’s study abroad site. These requirements must be met and completed by the deadline for travel to be permitted during the designated field work portion of the global health certificate. 

  • Certificate Completion Checklist & Deadlines
    • Deadline for application submission is DECEMBER 1.
    • Meet with an advisor for the global health certificate program to determine if the certificate is appropriate for your discipline and career goals.
    • Enroll in NURS 3600 for the fall or spring semester after meeting with the advisor.
    • Complete an undergraduate certificate application for the plan of study and submit to the global health certificate coordinator, Roxanne Amerson. The undergraduate certificate application complements but does not replace in-person advising. We strongly encourage you to see an advisor for an individual meeting at least once before enrolling in the NURS 3600.
    • Must complete all requirements for coursework, supporting requirements and field work in order to complete the certificate program.

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  • Resources
  • COVID-19 Update

    The summer study abroad course (NURS 3620) was cancelled for 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We deeply regret the impact of this cancellation for students enrolled in the certificate program. Students who have completed the requirements for the global health certificate program in 2020 will be given priority for placement in NURS 3620 for the summer of 2021, should they choose to participate in 2021. At this time, we remain hopefully that the pandemic will be contained and the study abroad program will resume in 2021. Realistically, we must follow the data of the unfolding situation and plans for the summer of 2021 will be further developed in the fall of 2020.

    In the late summer and early fall of 2020, we will be looking at potential options for a virtual capstone course (NURS 3620) to complete the global health certificate program, if we cannot travel in the summer of 2021. Discussions regarding this type of option are taking place now and we will update the website as soon as we have more information.

    Enrollment in NURS 3600 in the fall does not require a final commitment to officially enroll in the global health certificate program. You can choose to enroll in NURS 3600 and officially enroll in the program in late fall, when more information is available for the summer of 2021. For students who need to add credit hours to reach a full-time status, this course is a great option for any health-related discipline. It will allow you to learn more about health around the world and prepare you to become a more effective global citizen.

  • Contacts
    Faculty Advisors

    Asa Briggs, PhD
    Clinical Assistan Professor
    Director of Global Health Certificate Program
    (864) 7656-9569

    Tracy Fasolino, PhD
    Associate Professor
    (864) 888-7158


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