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School of Nursing

Nursing Transfer Students

The School of Nursing at Clemson admits ten transfer students each fall, there is no spring admittance. For priority consideration, the application opens December 1st and will close when the program reaches capacity. Transfer admission is rolling; therefore, you can still apply after this date. Students should apply through the Clemson University Undergraduate Admissions transfer application and select nursing as your first choice of major. There is not a separate application to the School of Nursing. You are also encouraged to select a second-choice major on your application. All applications are received and reviewed by the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. For application specific questions and any other information regarding entrance requirements for Clemson University, please contact Admissions at 864-656-2287. It is normal to be completing pre-requisites during the fall, spring, and summer semesters after applying. Please contact Undergraduate Admissions to ensure the appropriate way to keep Admissions informed on your progress.

  • Do I Qualify Transfer Student?

    Students who have completed 30+ credit hours by the time of application are considered transfer students. Students who have completed all science courses and the majority of general education courses from the first two years of the nursing transfer curriculum by the fall they intend to enroll at Clemson University will be competitive for the 10 transfer spaces. Accepted students will begin at Clemson in the fall of the junior year on the nursing transfer curriculum. Students are then placed in the clinical nursing courses in the following spring semester.

  • Admission Criteria

    The applications are received and reviewed through the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. The admissions committee looks at each student’s overall academic performance and completion of the general education and prerequisite courses for nursing. These courses are located in the freshman and sophomore years of the nursing curriculum (see Nursing Curriculum Plan for Nursing Transfer Students). Priority consideration is given to students who have completed and excelled in the appropriate science and math courses, which include: General Biology (BIOL 1030/1050 or BIOL 1100), Anatomy & Physiology I (BIOL 2220/2221), Anatomy & Physiology II (BIOL 2230/2231), Microbiology (MICR 2050/2051 or MICR 3050/3051), General Chemistry (CH 1010/1011), and Statistics (STAT 2300). Please utilize the above nursing curriculum to identify which specific courses are needed. Transfer students may use the “Transfer Credit Equivalency List” through the Clemson website to informally evaluate their own transfer credits. You will be able to type in the classes you’ve taken at your current institution(s), and it will display the Clemson equivalent.

  • Graduation Timeline

    Students who successfully transfer to nursing should expect to take an extra semester to complete the program. Transfer students can “shadow” the first two years of the nursing curriculum at another institution with the exception of any nursing (NURS) courses and NUTR 2050. All nursing (NURS) courses and NUTR 2050 must be completed at Clemson (see the Nursing Transfer Student curriculum worksheet). Regardless of pre-requisites and general education requirements previously taken, there are Clemson nursing specific courses that are only offered at certain times during the semester. There is not a way to accelerate the graduation timeline. This program is only offered as a full-time program, and all clinical courses are taken at Clemson University’s main campus, with clinical placements all throughout the Upstate of South Carolina.

  • Campus Visitation information

    Clemson University provides general campus tours through the Class of 1944 Visitor's Center.

  • Financial

    Full time students will be assessed the following academic program fee: $1000 per semester, beginning in the first semester of enrollment in the nursing program.

  • Contact

    If you have questions about the change of transfer process or application, please contact:

    Leigh Spooner
    309-B Edwards Hall

School of Nursing
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