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CORE IT Support



The objective of CORE is to improve access to computing resources, create the most effective education environment, and enable the highest quality research for all of Clemson. Computing resources shared here include software, hardware, and web computing infrastructure available to members of the Clemson community. 

In addition to the resources in the accordion sections below, please check out the information from our other pages:

  • Software List

    The list below is a snapshot of the software available to you.  For any questions about access or use, please feel free to reach out using the information in the sidebar.

    Information on how to install and access software can be found on our Onboarding page.

    Cloud Subscriptions

    • Microsoft 365
    • Adobe Creative Cloud
    • Cloud Backup Solutions

    Video, Conferencing, Chat, and Team Collaboration

    • Zoom
      • Integrated in software-enabled classrooms for hybrid instruction and recordings.
      • Integrated with Canvas LMS
      • Used for scheduling student meetings or recording presentations
    • Microsoft Teams
      • Customizable chat and team collaboration environment where documentation and informational pages can be stored, published, and shared
    • WebEx
      • Integrated in some video conferencing rooms and as an alternative to Zoom in Canvas LMS

    Additional software¹:

    For more information about software offerings, check out a complete software list.

    • Abaqus
    • Ansys
    • ArcGIS
    • Arena
    • AspenONE
    • AVL Concerto
    • AutoCAD
    • AutoCAD Civil 3D
    • ChemDraw
    • COMSOL
    • EES
    • ETABS
    • HyperWorks
    • LabView
    • Maple
    • Material Studio
    • MathCAD
    • Mathematica
    • MathType
    • MATLAB
    • Minitab
    • ModeFrontier
    • Plaxis
    • PSSE
    • SAP2000
    • SAS
    • Solidworks

    ¹ Availability and use are subject to policies outlined in each vendor's licensing agreement; use shall also remain in accordance with purchaser constraints or limits, such as available licensing seat(s) or other institutional access restrictions. Any/all related restrictions, limitations, and/or permission use - past or present - may change at any time as agreements can be amended/modified by either vendor or purchaser(s).  

  • Data Storage and Cloud Backups

    Cloud Storage

    All faculty, staff, and students are strongly encouraged to use a Clemson-supported cloud storage solution. Currently, Clemson provides the following services:

    Cloud Storage Options
    Storage Solution Web URL Usage Limits¹
    Microsoft OneDrive for Business Offers user storage of up to 5TB with 10GB file size upload limits
    Google Drive There are no set limits on user storage, but institutional storage is capped at 80TB
    Box Includes unlimited storage for users

    ¹This information indicates current contracts with the above cloud vendors, which are subject to change and may impact any data in said storage - now or in the future. 

    Clemson Network Drives

    For help connecting to network drives on Windows or Mac, see Accessing Network Drives.

    • Clemson "home directory" or user drive (U: drive)
      • For faculty, staff, and students: Clemson provides up to 10GB of file storage; increases can be requested as needed. This is most used as a file workspace for Citrix virtual applications.
    • Faculty/staff departmental "group" storage (H: drive) which is commonly used for file sharing. 
      • While effective for file sharing, file collaboration is better suited using a cloud storage provider or requesting a SharePoint site for your team. 

    Clemson SharePoint Site

    As a better alternative to static departmental storage drives, departments can request assistance in setting up a SharePoint site for collaborative purposes. SharePoint sites can be used for:

    • Document libraries for improved document management and visibility
    • Site pages for improved information publishing
    • Customizable chat and channel management
    • Better content management and collaboration tools
    • Integration with other Microsoft microservices and toolkits

    To request more information on Microsoft Teams or SharePoint site integrations, please send us a message using the information in the sidebar. 

  • Requesting a Clemson Website

    Website Options

    All website configurations - whether provisioned by CCIT or CECAS CORE - provide you with full control over your web server and published content. As such, you are responsible for the design and content. Deciding which option is best for your purposes largely depends on:

    1. If you have a preference for the URL address for professional reasons, and
    2. If you have experience publishing HTML pages or editing web templates.

    Below, the key benefits/drawbacks of each option are presented.


    Web space offered by CCIT allows you to deploy a web template of your choosing. If you have some basic web design experience and can edit HTML or PHP, this may be the preferable option. For others, designing a page may be cumbersome, and so you would need to source and modify a web template. If you need help, design training is offered at R.M Cooper Library in the Adobe Studio

    Websites requested from CCIT will be published at the URL addresses indicated above. These site URLs are the most commonly used here at Clemson. Among these options, would be for your personal website, and would be for departmental websites. 

    Be sure to check out CCIT's documentation on how to set up and manage a personal website or help with requesting departmental webspace. Ultimately, all CCIT page requests will be routed through Note: as server upgrades are slated to occur within the next year, please watch CCIT communications for any changes. 


    Pages offered by CORE IT will utilize the WordPress Content Management System (CMS). For many, WordPress will improve usability because it provides a framework through which to publish. Similar to the CCIT option, you can source any Wordpress template/theme you find suitable; however, your site would come with a default Wordpress theme. While the WordPress CMS offers a high level of customization, you may still prefer to code your own HTML or PHP pages, in which case the CCIT web space may be the best solution.

    Websites requested through CORE IT would take the format of the URLs above. CECAS web servers can be managed individually or by a group. 

    If you prefer using the WordPress framework for publishing, please request a CECAS CORE webspace - and provide some detail about your use case - using the contact information on this page. 


    The option that is best for you depends on how you prefer to design/maintain a web page. The ultimate question then becomes if you prefer a CMS framework as a guide or if you like to code/design with freedom. 

  • Training Opportunities

    Clemson Online is the university's e-learning and distance education department. Check out training opportunities provided by Clemson Online. 

    For detailed information on course design or classroom technology, please visit our Teaching page

    Clemson also offers free access to Percipio - a very robust and flexible e-learning platform.   Percipio makes it convenient to learn new concepts, advance your research skills, or prepare for popular certification exams. You can access the platform from any device (mobile included). 

    To access Percipio, log in on the web at, or download the Skillsoft Percipio app from your mobile app store. Simply type 'Clemson' for the site and log in with your Clemson credentials to get started.  

    The Percipio platform offers over 50,000 courses covering a wide range of topics including business, technology, leadership, creative skills, research, intellectual property, and data analytics. For better engagement, the platform also offers a variety of features such as gamification, social learning, and personalized recommendations. Some common courses for engineering students, data researchers, or teaching faculty include:

    • MATLAB
    • ANSYS
    • SolidWorks
    • AutoCAD
    • Python
    • R
    • Research Methods
    • Scientific Writing and Publishing
    • Intellectual Property Fundamentals
    • Instructional Design Essentials
  • Computer Hardware Repairs

    Hardware Failure | Diagnostic Services

    If you are experiencing a potential hardware problem, we recommend that you immediately bring your system to 142 Freeman Hall to prevent potential data loss or further damage. 

    In addition to providing diagnostic services, our service desk may be able to perform hardware repairs on-site. Specifically, CORE IT does perform hardware repairs for Dell systems that are under warranty, but turnaround time is dependent on manufacturer shipping times. If your laptop is under warranty but is not a Dell, the CCIT Help Desk on the second floor of R.M. Cooper Library may be able to assist. Additional hardware diagnostic and repair services are subject to the policy below. 

    Hardware Policy

    CORE IT provides Tier 1 hardware diagnostics and/or repairs when it does not risk further damage to systems without any liability coverage or warranty. Where possible, we will provide resolutions or workaround solutions, recommendations, and data loss prevention services. 

    While we may opt to quote and order parts for university-owned machines bought from contracted vendors (e.g., Dell or Lenovo), we do not recommend nor facilitate the ordering of third-party parts. Any hardware failures for university-owned devices that are not under warranty may still be serviceable, but this is subject to the availability of vendor manufactured parts. 

    For such cases, we do not recommend third-party parts, but users may purchase third-party parts and request that we install them. It is the discretion of our service desk to decline any such repairs for reasons including but not limited to:

    • Preexisting or overlapping damages/faults
    • Risk of irreparable failure or damage while on-site
    • Risk of related system or adjacent part malfunction(s)
    • Parts to be replaced are not readily or easily accessible for safe (dis)assembly
    • Any other potential risk of further damage to user property

    Any declined or out-of-warranty repairs may be recommended to CCIT hardware repair on the 2nd floor of R.M. Cooper Library. The above policy applies to all computers - whether owned by the university - or personally owned by faculty, staff or students. 

  • Guest and Partner Information

    Guests and partners are key elements in the success of our college and its impact on the greater community. As such, our goal is to ensure that we provide the best user experience for those who visit our campuses. Whether you are presenting or simply attending an event, please feel free to reach out with IT-related questions using the information on this page. 

    Supported Locations | Technology

    CECAS has multiple locations across the state. In addition to supporting multiple buildings on the main campus, our staff also provides on-site support at our Satellite campuses: Greenville International Center for Automotive Research (CU-ICAR) and Clemson University Restoration Institute (CURI) in Charleston. 

    For those interested in the classroom technology or audio-visual systems at various locations, please check out the information on the CORE Teaching Page

    Wireless Access

    Clemson does offer wireless access to ClemsonGuest, available at our satellite campuses. It is free and easy to use as it requires no password. More information on ClemsonGuest can be found in the ClemsonGuest help article

Need service? We can help.

To better respond to your needs, Clemson utilizes a ticketing system for IT requests. This allows IT staff to more effectively triage issues while quickly identifying widespread outages. 

To request help or report an issue, please email For faster routing to our campuses, please click below and fill out the email template.