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Our role in PROMO is to inspire, educate and inform an audience that includes the college, the University, the general public, key decision-makers and important stakeholders. When we evaluate story ideas, we take into account the values of the college, the University and higher education in general. But we also consider a factor that is harder to pin down: Is the topic broadly interesting? Can we come up with a headline, photo and video that makes people want to take a look even when they are busy with other things?

We've put together a few guidelines to help faculty, students and staff better understand how we assess story ideas.

  • Research Grants

    We typically put together press releases about research grants of $1 million or more. We make exceptions to this for a few reasons.

    • For CAREER Awards and their equivalent READ SAMPLE
    • When their is an urgent or public need to publish news about the grant
    • When the topic comes with exceptional promtional value READ SAMPLE
    • When it's a hot topic in the news READ SAMPLE
    • When it's otherwise relatable to the public READ SAMPLE

    For most grants of less than $1 million, we offer the following promotional alternatives:

    • A social media post with the name of the award, the amount, the funding agency, and the names and photos of the principal investigator and co-principal investigators
    • A piece that de-emphasizes the grant and looks more broadly at the topic the grant addresses to help the public get a better grasp of the work being done and its importance READ SAMPLE
    • A CECAS Student Spotlight about the student who will be working on research funded by the grant
  • Faculty Awards

    When faculty members win awards, two big factors we consider are the prestige of the organization giving the award and the award itself.

    • We do full press releases when faculty members are named Fellows and when they win major awards, such as a lifetime achievement award.
    • We do full press releases when faculty members are named endowed chairs or professors as a result of a donation of $500,000 or more.
    • When the award is noteworthy but less prestigious, we typically do a press release of about 350 words.
  • Research Results

    There are several factors considered when evaluating and determining which research and journal articles should be covered. These include:

    • Whether the research pertains to a topic that the general public can relate to; READ SAMPLE
    • Whether the research advances the college's and university's most urgent priorities at that moment in time; READ SAMPLE
    • If the coverage will lend momentum to a larger effort by the college or the University. READ SAMPLE

    We get many requests to cover journal articles, and we accept as many as we can. Often it comes down to whether we have the resources to cover in a timely manner. We can be most effective when we know a few weeks ahead of time that a journal article is going to be published. So what should you expect when looking for PROMO to provide coverage of your research?.

    • We offer to do full press releases when a CECAS researcher is among the authors on a paper in Nature or Science.
    • When a CECAS researchers' work is featured on the cover of a journal, we can prepare a social media post with a picture of the cover and the names of the authors and co-authors;
    • When a paper by CECAS researchers receives some other special recognition, we can help spread the word on social media.
    • We sometimes put together updates about research in progress when the researcher has something to show [READ SAMPLE] or is holding an event connected to the research [READ SAMPLE], when the work has exceptional promotional value or when it is relatable to the general public.
  • Student and Staff Spotlights

    These are profiles that usually run about 350 words and are optimized for social media, although we also post them on the CECAS website and occasionally run them in the newsletter. SPOTLIGHT SAMPLE

    We are looking for students and staff who stand out in some demonstrable way. That often means they have won an award or scholarship or have stepped into a leadership position, but we also would love to feature students and staff who have an interesting story to tell. In the past, we have featured students and staff who…

  • Events

    We want to know about your events! Poster sessions, friendly competitions and other student gatherings make for great social media posts. We are especially interested in events that would lend themselves to great photos and videos. We can't guarantee coverage, but we like to know about them and get to as many as we can. Remember to let us know as early as possible.

  • Alumni, Supporters and Friends

    Most of the alumni and supporter stories we cover are requests from the Development Office and upper-level administration. But we are open to ideas! Please let us know if you have heard of an alumnus or CECAS supporter who is deserving of coverage.

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