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Emailed Electronic Newsletter Submission

Send an Emailed Newsletter

The CECAS PROMO Group is here to help your department create and distribute electronic, emailed newsletters. This is a great way to promote your news, announcements and events. We can help you send to both your department's alumni base, as well as any additional stakeholders—as long as you have their permission (e.g. department chair colleagues at other universities, corporate donors, etc.).

Newsletter Submission Process

The process for submitting your email newsletter is easy:

  1. Assemble your newsletter stories. We suggest you aim for somewhere between 5-15 stories in your newsletter.
  2. Request a send date from the Alumni Office. If you're sending your newsletter to your alumni base (you likely are), please log in and fill out the form here to set up the send through the alumni office. Alumni requests a 2-week notice for all distributions. You can get an idea of available send dates by visiting the alumni email calendar here.
  3. Ensure that your full news stories reside online. The goal of email newsletters is to make them as quickly digestible as possible. Therefore, we use headlines and excerpts in the body of the newsletter and then provide links to the full story if the reader wants to learn more. While it is not required to link to full articles from your email newsletter, you will often need to utilize a webpage to share the full story. These full articles can be located either on the Clemson Newsstand, your departmental blog, or any other webpage on the internet.
  4. Send your newsletter content to the PROMO Group. Create a word document with the following:
    1. A headline and excerpt for each story. Headlines should be one brief statement, and excerpts should be limited to a few brief sentences. If the story needs to link to a webpage containing the complete article, please copy and paste that page's URL after the excerpt. If you need help accessing or using your blog, please contact us. If you need a new user account added to your blog, please email, and request the new addition.
    2. Specify the order you want your stories to appear in the newsletter by numbering them in your document. The number one story in your document will be the lead story and will be featured most prominently.
    3. While photos are not required for every story, great imagery can dramatically improve the quality and readership of your newsletter. Save your image files with the corresponding number of the article (e.g. "1.jpg", "2.jpg" etc.). Images should be reasonably high resolution and horizontal (landscape) orientation.    
    4. Email your Word Document and numbered photos (sending this packaged as a zipped file is a good idea) to the PROMO Group at no less than 1 week prior to your requested send date.
    5. If you have an email list of recipients other than your alumni base, include it in your zipped package. This should be a CSV file with just one column for the email addresses.

And that's it! The PROMO Group and Alumni Office will handle the rest.