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School of CEEES | Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences


Main Campus
445 Brackett Hall, Clemson, SC

Rich Environmental Lab
342 Computer Court, Anderson, SC
(864) 656-3276

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Clemson University offers a wide variety of clubs, professional organizations, and creative research opportunities.

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Professional Societies & Orgs

2 male and 1 female members take part in water clean up

The Clemson student chapter of the American Water Works Association (CUAWWA) has an annual lakeshore clean-up. During this particular event on Lake Hartwell, the group removed about 12 bags of trash from the shore in one evening. In addition to keeping our lake clean, the organization also focuses on providing students with networking opportunities in environmental engineering, specifically within the water and wastewater treatment field, including an annual career panel.

Professional Societies

Student Organizations

  • American Water Works Association

    AWWA logoFaculty Advisor: Dr. David Ladner

    2021 - 2022 Officers

    Derek Kosydar, President
    Alyssa Costello, Vice President
    Grace Holliday, Treasurer
    Scott Kimball, Secretary

    AWWA Career PanelThe Clemson Student Chapter of the American Water Works Association (AWWA) and the Water Environment Federation (WEF) serves all students interested in similar environmental engineering disciplines, specifically water and wastewater issues. The club was founded in April 2011 and is intended for anyone: environmental engineers, civil engineers, biology, geology, biochem, etc. Really any person that is interested in the environmental/water/wastewater industry.

    AWWA Lake CleanupSponsored by the Department of Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences, the club is a student chapter for two national organizations. AWWA is a professional organization focused on the drinking water industry. WEF is a professional organization focused on the wastewater and water resource recovery industry. The student chapter holds meetings, on-campus activities, and field trips to stay engaged with one another and the community. AWWA offers information about internships and full-time employment and invites industry representatives to chapter activities so students can network with professionals in the field. Through activities such as the annual career panel, students are assisted in launching satisfying careers in environmental engineering and other related fields.

    Typical Annual Activities

  • Biosystems Engineering Club

    2022 Officers

    Matthew Lawrence, President

    Most Outstanding Student Branch of the Southeastern Chapter of ASABEThe BE Club focuses on sustainable engineering issues, both local and global, by providing fun, engaging activities and social events to get our members excited about what we do, and this upcoming year we are looking to expand our membership and involvement in educational and philanthropic events in and around Clemson.

    In the past, we have participated in Walk for Water, hosted highway clean-ups, and organized fundraisers to send members to the pinnacle of our club's year: the Southeastern Regional ASABE Rally, an annual showcase hosted by a select school in the southeast. Not only is this a great networking opportunity for future careers and graduate school, but a chance to learn about what other chapters have going on. We were awarded the Most Outstanding Chapter in 2017-2018! The BE Club is a tight-knit family; we learn, work and play together and are always looking to welcome new members to our organization.

  • Environmental Engineering Club

    Environmental Engineering Club at the Walk For WaterFaculty Advisor: Dr. David Freedman
    Connect: Facebook


    Meghan Kropp, President
    Carson Allen, Vice President
    Anna Delahunt, Treasurer

    The Environmental Engineering club is open to all current and future environmental engineering majors. Along with AWWA, the club sponsors a career panel every spring. We also participate in activities like Adopt-a-Stream, hold Lake Hartwell clean-up events and take hiking trips to local waterfalls. If you are interested in joining the club or just learning more, please email one of the officers to get information about our next meeting.

  • Geology Club

    Geology Club LogoFaculty Advisor: Dr. Alex Pullen
    Clemson Student Organizations: Tiger Quest
    Connect: Facebook

    2019 - 2020 Officers

    Benjamin Kelly, President
    Joshua Brumagin, Vice President
    R. Lindsay Hooks, Treasurer
    Susan E. Allison, Secretary
    Annelise Waling, Social Media Manager

    Although we are very focused on geology, we strive for the inclusiveness of all majors to help extend the spread of geology knowledge beyond just the geo majors. The focus of our club is to promote unity among students as well as develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of geology outside of the classroom.

    Recent activities have been operating a tutoring program for Geology 101 students, planning for hikes and organizing events/ trips like going to Graves Mountain in Georgia. The club helps out at the Hydrogeology Symposium in April and sponsors a booth there.

  • Nuclear DisCo

    Officers (2021-2022)

    President - Sarah Donaher
    Vice President - Jonas Smith
    Secretary/Treasurer - Kelli Trotter

    Faculty Advisor

    Timothy Devol, Professor

    Faculty/Staff Members

    Timothy Devol
    Nicole Martinez
    Brian Powell
    Lindsay Shuller-Nickles



Main Campus
445 Brackett Hall, Clemson, SC

Rich Environmental Lab
342 Computer Court, Anderson, SC
(864) 656-3276

Academic Calendar

Clemson University offers a wide variety of clubs, professional organizations, and creative research opportunities.

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