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“Clemson IE is committed to advancing state-of-the-art industrial engineering research and degree programs. Our innovative and challenging curricula are designed to meet the ever-increasing global demand for industrial engineering graduates.” Kevin Taaffe, Interim Chair

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IE Faculty Spotlight

IE Faculty Spotlight

Dr. Yongjia Song

Dr. Yongjia Song is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Industrial Engineering at Clemson University who specializes in modeling and solution methodologies for optimization under uncertainty and computational integer programming. Specifically, Dr. Song focuses on developing multi-stage stochastic programming and chance-constrained stochastic programming algorithms and elucidating their theoretical foundations. Multi-stage problems arise in many different domains, including resilient networks, service systems, and energy systems.

In the realm of computational integer programming, Dr. Song develops exact solution methodologies for large-scale, integrated vehicle routing problems – based on decomposition algorithms such as branch-price-and-cut algorithms – which find wide applicability in transportation and logistics. Dr. Song is a professional member of INFORMS and IISE and currently serves as an Associate Editor for the INFORMS Journal on Computing.