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Industrial Engineering

Who We Are | Mission and Values

Clemson IE written over image of Freeman HallQuality Education, Global Perspective


To lead discovery and innovation in engineering knowledge and methods for designing, developing, and improving systems and processes that include humans, machines, information, and technology. We will

  • Educate and mentor students in IE theories, methods, and applications while emphasizing critical thinking, ethics, and global citizenship.
  • Engage in impactful research and scholarship that is internationally recognized.
  • Contribute to the IE profession, state, nation, and global community through our service and leadership.
  • Nurture an intellectual and collegial environment that fosters mutual trust, respect, creativity, and excellence.


To advance knowledge and engage undergraduate and graduate students in reflecting upon and solving pressing scientific, engineering, and socio-economic challenges.

Clemson IE Core Values


Our faculty and staff are committed to providing an environment built on our department’s core values, which we call “IE CIVIC.” We require Innovation and Excellence; with Communication, Integrity, Vibrancy, Inclusiveness, and Collegiality.


We endeavor to turn creative ideas into solutions that generate value and benefit society.


We constantly strive to seek excellence in education, research, scholarship, and inquiry.


We value honest and open communication among all our colleagues including our students, staff, and faculty; and will have an open and transparent forum for all to participate in department processes and decision-making.


We conduct ourselves to consistently and uncompromisingly adhere to the highest moral and ethical principles and values.


We provide an environment that nurtures excitement and passion to constantly grow, pursue professional goals, and be responsive to the changing research and educational needs of the IE community and society.


We recognize, respect, and value differences in people, ideas, and opinions. Our policies are structured to promote inclusive excellence and enable the participation of diverse individuals in fulfilling our mission.


We foster mutual trust and respect among colleagues and ensure that everyone feels welcome to participate and contribute.