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It is Time!

Navigate Student is an app that Clemson University uses to help facilitate the academic advising process. This app can be used for appointment scheduling, viewing your class schedule, locating campus resources, generating to-do lists based on the academic calendar, creating reminders, and browsing other majors. The Navigate Student app can be downloaded via either the App Store or Google Play.

All IE majors must contact their academic advisor in order to receive their registration PIN.

To receive your registration PIN from your academic advisor in the Department of Industrial Engineering, you must have a feasible course plan that leads to graduation. The following resources will assist you in this process:

How do I find my advisor?

In IE, you have two types of advisors: Academic Advisor and Faculty Advisor.

You can contact your academic advisor for questions related to (but not limited to) your course schedule, registration, course plans, curriculum matters, and signing/processing student forms.  Your academic advisor is the person that reviews the course plan you submit in Canvas to receive your registration PIN.

Academic advisors are assigned by the student's last name:

Last name starting with A - G: Jessica LeCroy -
Last name starting with H - Z: Susan Long -

Your faculty advisor is listed under “My Success Team” on the Navigate Student app.  You are required to meet or contact your faculty advisor at least once a year.  You can discuss anything related to (but not limited to) graduate school, co-ops, internships, minors in other programs, strategies for success in college, and job searches.  To find your faculty advisor in iRoar:

  1. Click the "Student" button
  2. Click "Student Profile"
  3. Your faculty advisor is listed at the bottom

What should I bring to my advising appointment?

If you have an appointment with your academic  advisor:

  • Review your Degree Works to know your current standing in your current classes and degree progress prior to your appointment
  • Have a completed course plan if you do not already have an approved plan in Canvas.  If this is your first time creating a course plan, review the IE Undergraduate Handbook and use your Degree Works to make your best attempt.  Your academic advisor can help you with any questions you have during your appointment.

What documents will help prepare for my advising appointment?

Almost all University forms require an advisor's signature, and your scheduled meeting is a great time to handle any and all academic business.  Common forms and needs may include:

Please review your Degree Words through iRoar prior to your appointment.  You can access DegreeWorks through iROAR.  Each student should regularly check the report generated from this system and look for potential errors or deficiencies indicated.  If you believe you see an error, please consult with your academic advisor as soon as possible.  If not corrected immediately, some errors cannot be resolved and may result in delayed graduation.

IE advisors will do what they can to anticipate problems, but it is the student’s responsibility to ensure that all degree requirements (necessary classes, prerequisites, overall GPA, Engineering GPA, and so on) have been met.  A student should not rely on their advisors to identify these problems.

Steps to review your Degree Works:

  1. Log into iROAR with your Clemson University username and password.
  2. Proceed to iROAR.
  3. Click the Student Tab.
  4. Click the Student Records Tab.
  5. You can now view, save it as a PDF, or print it.