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Brooks Center exterior of building
Brooks Center for the Performing Arts

About Us


1. Present outstanding artists and attractions.
2. Encourage new artists and experimental works.
3. Develop and educate diversified audiences to the performing arts.
4. Support the educational mission of the Department of Performing Arts.


Established in 1994, the Brooks Center is the hub for the performing arts in Clemson. This 87,000-square-foot facility serves as a professional roadhouse, hosting world-class professional dance, theatre and musical performances throughout the academic year in its spacious, yet intimate, 979-seat proscenium auditorium. Its 100-seat blackbox theatre is home to exciting student theatre performances, and a small recital hall serves as a multi-purpose space for classes, gatherings and student performances.

In addition to professional productions, the Brooks Center is also home to the Department of Performing Arts, offering a dynamic, hands-on undergraduate experience. Through conferences and professional engagements made possible by donors, our students add to their resumes and build connections that will jumpstart their careers when they graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in performing arts.

The department is a vibrant part of the College of Arts and Humanities with more than 50 faculty and staff, more than 100 performing arts majors and more than 5,000 students participating in ensembles and taking classes. With courses ranging from music theory and theatre history to scenic design and stage management, students of all majors are welcome to take classes and perform in ensembles.


Brooks Center for the Performing Arts

The dedication of the Robert Howell Brooks Center for the Performing Arts on April 15, 1994 launched a new and exciting phase in Clemson University's dedication to the performing arts. The opening of the nearly 90,000-square-foot facility was the result of almost two decades of petitioning, strategic planning, fundraising, and construction. 

However, the performing arts at Clemson can be traced to the early part of the century. The establishment of the Brooks Center was a clear sign that Clemson University recognized the essential role of the arts in a great university community.

Robert Howell Brooks (1937-2006) 
Brooks Center Benefactor

Robert Howell Brooks is a man whose philanthropy and love of Clemson University inspired him to give generously to his alma mater. His $2.5 million dollar gift established the Brooks Center for the Performing Arts and has enabled hundreds of thousands of patrons to experience world-class performances, and given countless students the opportunity to pursue their artistic passion.

Mr. Brooks took his place in a long line of Clemson philanthropists dating back to the original gift of Thomas Green Clemson to the state of South Carolina. Mr. Clemson gave so that the youth of South Carolina could receive a quality education, and W. B. Camp, a beneficiary of Mr. Clemson’s vision, also gave so that students like Robert Brooks could afford to attend Clemson University. Mr. Brooks made the most of the scholarship that Mr. Camp provided for him, and he honored this tradition of generosity with many contributions to the university. His legacy is intertwined with the generations that preceded him and stands to inspire those who follow.

Inclusion and Equity

The Brooks Center for the Performing Arts and the Department of Performing Arts faculty and staff are united in standing against the perpetuation of systemic racism, oppression, and racial violence. Injustices and the mindset they reflect have marred this country for centuries. Our society is failing to be fair, equitable, and just.

We as a department of performing arts acknowledge our complicity.

We are committed to making contributions toward systemic change by taking the necessary steps to more deeply understand and fulfill our mission to build a diverse, equitable, and inclusive community through the performing arts in our programming and study; the classes and content we teach within our areas of audio, music, theatre and dance; the audiences we engage; the casting and hiring we do; the students we attract and support; and the examples we set. An inclusion and equity team has been charged to formulate an action plan that details specific programs, practices, and services that will be implemented to support and achieve our goals. The action plan with an implementation timeline and expected measurable outcomes will be made public as soon as possible.

We will hold ourselves, and one another accountable as we pledge to collaboratively identify and establish authentic initiatives to serve our Clemson BIPOC community and other marginalized individuals.

Brooks Center for the Performing Arts
Brooks Center for the Performing Arts | 221 Brooks Center, Box 340525, Clemson, SC 29634