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Camp Sertoma

Camp Sertoma is a week-long residential camp for children ages 7-12, who are either underprivileged or have a speech or hearing impairment. Camp Sertoma is a fun, exciting week filled with cool activities, new friends and incredible staff! During the week, campers may participate in new adventures, including, but not limited to: archery, sailing, arts & crafts, overnight camping, swimming, canoeing, climbing tower and fishing.

Our trained staff provide 24 hour supervision and maintain a 1:3 camper ratio in the cabin and 1:4 at activities.

Housing is provided in comfortable cabins with 10 single beds for campers and supervising staff. Showers and bathrooms are located within each cabin. Cabin groups are determined by age, providing campers with opportunities to enjoy time with new friends. We have an on-site health center and employ nurses to work and live on-site during camp. Every day, a nourishing breakfast, lunch, and dinner are provided in our dining room

Campers also get to enjoy an overnight campout, cooking their food over an open flame and having a true outdoor adventure.

Camp Sertoma of South Carolina represents the joint efforts of an enormous number of people. From the inception of the camp in 1975 to the present time the partnership between South Carolina Sertomans and Clemson University has underscored the tremendous accomplishments that can be achieved when people of good will in civic organizations, academic institutions, business, industry and government join together to create something wonderful for the children of our state.

Each Sertoma Club in the state is a partner in the support, promotion and operation of Camp Sertoma. The clubs also provide enormous support through their sponsorship of campers, fundraising efforts, memorial donations, assistance with camp maintenance during ‘work days’ and donations of items.

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