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Camp Sunshine

The Program

Camp Sunshine is a weekend residential respite camp for children and adults with disabilities and is offered during the fall and spring. These weekends are designed to give families or caregivers a weekend off while their loved one enjoys new experiences unique to a camp setting. During the weekends campers participate in a variety of outdoor activities which may include: archery, fishing, pontoon boat rides, nature walks, canoeing, arts and crafts, and drama. Twenty-four hour supervision is provided by a trained staff and a camp nurse who live and work onsite.

The Place

Housing is provided in comfortable cabins with 10 single beds for campers and supervising staff. Showers and bathrooms are located within each cabin for safety and convenience. In addition to meals prepared by our staff, campers enjoy campout food and nutritious snacks. A health center is located onsite and managed by full-time medical personnel. We will notify you at once by phone if your child must stay in our health center overnight or has an accident.

Who May Apply

Any mentally and/or physically challenged citizen at least 6 years old who resides with their family may attend. We accept campers who need one-on-one attention and those with who possess basic self-help skills. One-on-one campers are defined as campers who require assistance with feeding, dressing, or personal hygiene. A person who is wheelchair bound does not necessarily classify as a one-on-one camper. Campers who possess self-help skills are defined as toilet trained and, for the most part, able to feed and dress themselves.


There is a $50 fee to attend Camp Sunshine. Checks are payable to Clemson University. Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express are also accepted. The Sunshine Lady Foundation continues to fund the majority of camp costs.


Contact our Camp Sunshine Coordinator by phone (864-646-7502) or by email - - to request an application or other necessary forms.

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