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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does CCL offer any in-person courses?

    At this time, CCL does not offer any in-person courses except for those in the Life Cycle Engineering Courses or with Organizations hosting a course for a leadership development class or program.

  • What is a CEU?

    A CEU (Continuing Education Unit) is a standard unit of measure by which professionals and businesses grant recognition to continuing education programs. It is a measure of completion for non-credit learning programs and is nationally recognized as a measure of students' non-credit accomplishments. CEUs do not constitute academic credit offered in degree-seeking programs.

  • What can I use CEUs for?

    CEUs acquired and earned can demonstrate work skills, get you a raise or promotion, facilitate a career change, provide employers with a history of your professional development activities or help you apply for re-licensure or re-certification as defined by professional organizations and state agencies.

  • What is a certificate program?

    Certificate programs are comprehensive, career skill-oriented courses of study not leading to academic degrees. They are offered via classroom, online and blended formats and provide entry-level or advanced skill sets valued by potential employers in various career areas. Certificates awarded denote a permanent record of educational experience documented by universally recognized Continuing Education Units (CEUs).

  • Why are courses canceled or rescheduled in Continuing Education?

    Our department is self-supporting in its operations from course fees. If minimum enrollment is not met, a class may be canceled before the start date of that class. We apologize for any inconveniences due to these cancellations and we recommend you register for a class early to avoid them.

    CCL reserves the right to discontinue, postpone or cancel classes and change instructors and/or locations.

  • Does CCL offer financial aid or payment plans?

    CCL does not offer or accept financial aid for courses in our program since the programs are towards Continuing Education Units and/or a Certificate and the courses are not degree-seeking. Some courses do offer payment plans.

    Companies and organizations may be able to offer employee reimbursement options as well. The Center for Continuing Professional Development will accept payment from employers willing to pay for all or portions of your tuition. An agreement may be worked out between the student and their employer with CCL.

  • Do you offer discounts?

    Our programs may provide discounts through a special email or code when available.

    However, many of our programs do offer payment plans for courses.

    If you are a military spouse and are eligible for the MyCAA scholarship, please view more information for MyCAA.

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Have questions about a program? Please send us a note using the form below.

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