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Carolina Clear SSO Campaign: Protect Clean Water, Only Flush TP!

Clemson Extension’s Carolina Clear program works to educate the citizens of South Carolina of issues associated with polluted stormwater runoff and raise awareness of actions and behaviors that ultimately protect our water resources. Carolina Clear provides trainings, workshops, resources, mass media campaigns, demonstration projects, and youth programs to meet the needs of our communities.

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    Carolina Clear partners with over 38 local governments in South Carolina to provide stormwater education, outreach, and public involvement opportunities. The resulting six regional stormwater consortiums are each guided by a strategic plan, specific to the needs of the local watershed; the plan outlines education strategies based on target pollutants of concern. Click HERE to find a regional Consortium near you!

    We all play a part in helping to protect our water resources for current and future generations. Browse our website to learn more about watershed stewardship. Sign up for the Clemson Extension Water Resources Team E-newsletter and follow us on Facebook to stay in touch about future program offerings and announcements!

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