Earth Day Rain Barrel Art Contest


Sumter Stormwater Solutions will be hosting their fourth annual Rain Barrel Art Contest this spring! All public and private schools in Sumter County are encouraged to participate. Schools may have multiple classes compete, but only one rain barrel per class. SSS will provide a completed rain barrel, primer, and sealant to each class. The class/school will be responsible for providing painting materials such as brushes and colored paint. ONLY students may work on the rain barrel. Schools will be responsible for bringing the completed rain barrel to the Earth Day Festival in Sumter held in April. Barrels will be judged by the public attending the festival. Barrels will be split into elementary, middle, and high school categories. The barrel receiving the most overall votes will be the People's Choice. Next, there will be a winner in each of the elementary, middle, and high school categories. People's Choice will win a class pizza and icecream party. Category winners will win a class pizza party. Schools have the option of installing the barrel on school grounds, at a public location such as a library or church, or donating the barrels back to SSS to be auctioned off during the festival in a silent auction. If you have any question please contact Katie Altman-Goff at (803) 773-5561 or

imageStorm Drain Marking

Sumter Stormwater Solutions is beginning a volunteer initiative to mark all the stormdrains in communities in the City of Sumter and Sumter County. Storm drains flow to waterways without treatment, so it is very important to warn people not to dump oil, trash, leaves, household chemicals or anything else down a storm drain. Your group can help, by marking the storm drains in your neighborhood! The markers are installed with an easy-to-use adhesive, and younger volunteers can assist by distributing doorhangers to houses in the neighborhood. Contact Katie Altman-Goff for more information.

Interested in a presentation on Stormwater Pollution Prevention for your organization?


We offer educational programs for children, adults, and technical audiences, including schools, scout troops, homeowners, garden clubs, and water quality interest groups.  There is no charge for programs.  If you are interested, please contact Katie Altman-Goff.

Right: Students at a local elementary school discover sources of pollution in a community watershed, using a table top model and real water!ions, garden clubs, and water quality interest groups. 

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