Programs Offered

Interested in what the Lowcountry Stormwater Partners have to offer? Take a look below to see a few of our programs! See the full list of programs offered here.

Carolina Yards

Carolina YardsWant to make your yard better for the environment and easier to care for? Turn your yard into a certified Carolina Yard! Clemson Extension's Carolina Yards program works with residents to create healthy, watershed-friendly landscapes. Using simple and effective gardening methods, create a low maintenance yard that works with nature, rather than against it. Participation in easy! Go to to learn more.

Carolina Rain Garden Initiative

Carolina Rain Garden InitiativeInterested in installing a rain garden or have a rain garden that you want to showcase? Check out the Carolina Rain Garden Initiative! This program provides tools and resources to assist with the installation of rain gardens in diverse settings such as yards, schoolyards, community centers and more as well as access to the Rain Garden Tracker tool. Go to for more information.

Stormdrain Marking

Stormdrain MarkerThe Lowcountry Stormwater Partners are beginning a volunteer initiative to mark all the stormdrains in all communities within Beaufort County. Storm drains flow to waterways without treatment, so it is very important to warn people not to dump oil, trash, leaves, household chemicals or anything else down a storm drain. Your group can help, by marking the storm drains in your neighborhood! The markers are installed with an easy-to-use adhesive and all materials are supplied. Contact Ellen Comeau for more information.

Stormwater-Related Workshops and Presentations

Stormwater WorkshopWe offer educational programs for children, adults, and technical audiences, including schools, scout troops, homeowners, garden clubs, and water quality interest groups. There is no charge for programs.  If you are interested, please contact Ellen Comeau.

River/Beach Sweeps

River Clean-upThroughout the year, the Lowcountry Stormwater Partners join together with community members to clear trash from South Carolina beaches, rivers, lakes, marshes, and swamps. To see when the next clean up is, take a look at our Events Calendar, follow the Lowcountry Stormwater Partners on Facebook, or subscribe to the Changing Tides Newsletter.

Stormwater BMP Demonstration Workshops

BMP InstallationSmall-scale residential stormwater best management practices (BMPs) such as rain gardens, vegetated shoreline buffers, downspout planter boxes, and rain barrels are regularly installed in collaboration with partnering communities. Installed projects serve as educational tools to encourage BMP adoption throughout the community. To see when the next workshop offering is, take a look at our Events Calendar, follow the Lowcountry Stormwater Partners on Facebook, or subscribe to the Changing Tides Newsletter.