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Consider incorporating stormwater best management practices (BMPs) into your daily life. With both structural and behavioral BMPs to choose from, there is never a shortage of opportunities to be a watershed hero!

Structural BMPs are landscape-level features installed to help water slow down and soak into the ground; these features help to reduce community flooding and prevent pollution from heading downstream. Some BMPs, typically commercial or community-scale, are complex and require the assistance of a professional to design. And some BMPs are applicable for residential-scale settings, in your yard, schoolyard or community center. Below is information to help you inspire your neighbors and get started on your BMP project today!

Behavioral BMPs play a huge role in protecting downstream water quality. Even small actions taken by individuals can add up to make a positive impact across your community. Some key steps include the following:

  • Certify your yard as a Carolina Yard! This Clemson Extension program guides residents in creating an aesthetically pleasing landscape that works with nature, not against it.
  • Keep dumpster and garbage can lids closed and secure.
  • Keep fats, oil, and grease out of your sink—store them in a can instead and dispose of in the trash. Learn more by visiting the Fats, Oils, and Grease Pollution Factsheet.
  • Wash your car at a commercial car wash where the wash-water is treated, or if washing at home, park your car on the grass so wash-water will soak into the ground.
  • Install a rain barrel.
  • Don’t guess soil test. Your local Clemson Extension office can help with your soil testing needs. Soil testing is an important first step before applying fertilizer to lawn and garden.
  • Pick up after pets when on walks and in your backyard.
  • Consider incorporating native plants into your landscaping decisions, native plants typically require little to no fertilizer or irrigation once established.
  • Reduce the use of single use plastic. Some simple ways include using a reusable shopping bag when going to the store, using a refillable water bottle and when possible, skip the straw.
  • Always maintain septic tank systems and assure are functioning as intended.
  • Only rain down the drain! Avoid dumping anything down the storm drain that does not belong there such as yard debris and paint washing.
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Cooperative Extension Carolina Clear
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