Statewide Survey

Starting in 2009, Carolina Clear conducted a statewide telephone survey to better understand the informational needs of our audiences. We solicited feedback directly from the communities we serve, and we used that feedback to evaluate the effectiveness of our outreach efforts, and to target specific gaps in knowledge with our educational resources. We conducted another survey in 2013, allowing us to gauge the impact of our stormwater-focused educational programming over time.  Survey results are also used to guide regional Carolina Clear consortiums when developing priorities for future outreach efforts and topics. Continuing on with this four year cycle, we plan to conduct the next round of surveys in late 2017.

The major goals of our Carolina Clear statewide survey are to:

  1. Gain insight into overall stormwater and watershed knowledge.
  2. Identify behaviors relating to water resource protection and stormwater management that could benefit from increased education.
  3. Discover local residents' attitudes towards getting involved in water resource protection.
  4. Identify the primary sources used for gathering information on water quality, news. and local events.
Survey Results

View the 2013 survey results

View the 2009 survey results