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Cooperative Extension: Carolina Clear

Stormwater Pond Owners & Managers

Stormwater ponds prevent flooding and protect water quality by temporarily storing and releasing runoff. They capture sediment and promote biogeochemical processes that break down pollutants before letting water flow downstream. To keep your pond and community healthy, inspect your pond both semi-annually and after storm events. Regular maintenance is also necessary for pond health. Regular pond maintenance includes, but is not limited to:

  • Keeping inlets and outlets free of debris and other blockages
  • Prevent shoreline erosion by stabilizing the bank with a vegetated buffer
  • Control problem plant and algal growth
  • Dredge the pond when sediment fills 25% of the pond’s permanent pool

While your neighborhood may own the pond, the whole community must work together to successfully managing it. All residents, no matter how close or far they live to the stormwater pond, play a role in protecting its function. All residents should:

  • Keep yard debris, like grass clippings, out of storm drains and the pond.
  • Pick up their pet’s waste, both in the yard and on walks
  • Perform a soil test prior to fertilizing lawns
  • Reduce nuisance Canada Geese populations by not feeding them.
Cooperative Extension Carolina Clear
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