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Cooperative Extension: Carolina Clear

Anderson and Pickens Counties Stormwater Partners

anderson and pickens counties stormwater partners by clemson extension

Anderson and Pickens Counties; the cities of Anderson, Belton, Easley, Liberty, Norris, and Pickens; and Clemson University Facilities have collaborated with Clemson University's Carolina Clear program to educate and involve residents in stormwater management. We offer educational programs for Educators/Youth, Residential Communities, and Professional/Technical Audiences.

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  • About

    The Small Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems (SMS4s) community partners in Anderson and Pickens Counties are dedicated to the regional stormwater education concept. The members work together to better facilitate the development of a unified approach to education and outreach within the counties.

    Mission Statement

    To develop and implement a broad-based education program that informs citizens about the issues of stormwater management and explains the role they and the business community can play in solving these issues.


    • Maximize efficiency of stormwater education efforts using a countywide regional approach.
    • Help local SMS4s meet NPDES Phase II Stormwater Program permit requirements for stormwater education and involvement by providing educational resources and services such as public education, outreach and community involvement.
    • Develop a comprehensive stormwater education plan for the region that capitalizes on local training resources to meet the needs of local SMS4s.
    • Serve as a model for collaborative stormwater education.
  • Annual Report and Education Plan

    2023 Annual Report

    2023-2028 Education Plan

    Please visit the Archives page to view prior reports.

  • Contact

    Anaston Porter
    Water Resources Agent
    Pickens County
    222 W. Main Street,
    Pickens, SC 29671

    Steven O'Shields
    Water Resources Agent
    Anderson County
    1428 Pearman Dairy Rd,
    Anderson, SC 29625



Anderson and Pickens Counties Stormwater Partners
Anderson and Pickens Counties Stormwater Partners |