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kids exploring the river during 4-H20 summer camp
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Youth Education

Interested in a stormwater-focused youth program in your school or community?

The Ashley Cooper Stormwater Education Consortium offers programs, curriculum, and materials for schools or youth groups located in the Berkeley, Charleston, and Dorchester counties.

Programs to Highlight

  • 4-H2O

    4-H2O (May to August): Is a water-based, summer science camp that runs in more than 15 counties across South Carolina, allowing youth an opportunity to learn and experience this state’s water resources first-hand. Targeted to 9-13 year olds, 4-H2O is a hands-on science inquiry program that provides children and adults with knowledge about their local water resources and teaches them the field, analytical and critical thinking skills they need to intelligently participate in making decisions that affect the quality of these aquatic systems. School-enrichment versions of this program are available in some areas.

  • From Seeds to Shoreline

    From Seeds to Shoreline (S2S): This is South Carolina’s only salt marsh Restoration program designed for students. The program is focused on training K-12 teachers on how to lead their classrooms in a year-long marsh restoration.  S2S is led by South Carolina SeaGrant Consortium in partnership with South Carolina Department of Natural Resources and Clemson Extension.

  • Storm Drain Mural

    The Storm Drain Mural Project is an extension of the Strom Drain Marker program. Working with local water-focused groups to create an interactive painted visual aid to highlight the importance of keeping storm drains clean and bringing awareness to the relationship between land-based activities and downstream water quality.

    All Drains Lead to the Ocean

    In Spring 2017, members of the Ashley Cooper Stormwater Education Consortium worked with local partners on a storm drain mural painting project at an elementary school in Charleston, SC.

4h2o kayakers on ocean inlet
Ashley Cooper Stormwater Education Consortium
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