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Cooperative Extension: Peaches

Clemson Fruit Bags

Protection for peaches from rot and disease

Homeowners now have a way to actually harvest peaches or apples from their garden trees without the need for weekly applications of pesticides. Clemson University has shown that fruit can be produced in specialty bags even in the hot and humid southeastern U.S. environment. The bags are designed to completely encase the fruit allowing for minimal chance of attack by fungi and insects. Furthermore the Clemson Fruit Bags allow proper light penetration needed for the desired red blush on peaches and apples. Some studies even indicate that bagged fruit has increased aroma.

The Clemson Fruit Bags can be used by organic peach growers to protect valuable fruit from the dreaded plum curculio insect and the commonly devastating brown rot disease. Our research has shown that if the bags are used properly, insect and disease incidence is dramatically reduced while fruit quality is maintained. Bags can also be used by conventional growers to grow a ‘priority peach’ or ‘low-residue peach’ for specialty markets and premium pricing.

clemson bag peach on ripe peach

Peach Bagging

Price list:

200 bags for $40 (plus ~$10.00 shipping)

1000 bags for $200 (plus ~$20.00 shipping)

Prices do not include sales tax. Contact Dr. Guido Schnabel ( ) for ordering information or Dr. Juan Carlos Melgar ( ) for horticultural information.


Bags can be ordered between February 15th and June 15th at Clemson University Marketplace. All proceeds are used in support of Clemson University fruit research and extension activities. Please, allow at least two weeks for order fulfillment.


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