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peach trees full of fruit
Cooperative Extension: Peaches


Clemson Fruit Pathology Program

The goal of the Fruit Pathology Program lead by Dr. Guido Schnabel, is to advance the science of small fruit and stone fruit pathology by studying pathogen adaptation to stresses and developing programs for disease and pathogen fungicide resistance management.  For postdoctoral scientists, masters (MS) and doctoral (PhD) students, the Schnabel laboratory offers a unique opportunity to conduct basic and applied research that addresses real-world problems. Basic research includes gene discovery, gene expression analysis, PCR, Southern and Northern hybridization, RFLP, AFLP, and gel electrophoresis.  In our applied research we study the efficacy of fungicides and biologicals under lab and field conditions and horticultural practices for disease control.  

The Extension part of our program consists of the development of smart tools such as the MyIPM series phone app to help growers understand and implement Integrated Pest Management and resistance management practices and to educate farmers through farm visits, presentations at production meetings, updates to Pest Management and Culture Guides and Growers Handbooks.

| 105 Collings St., BRC 218 Clemson, SC 29634