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Occupational and Environmental Safety

Department Safety Coordinators (DSC)


Occupational and Environmental Safety would like to thank you for your involvement and your continued support.  The Department Safety Coordinator (DSC) is an integral part of promoting health and safety throughout all campuses. The DSC’s role is to assist with the implementation of the OES programs for their assigned department/division/group/shop or area.  All DSCs will receive a monthly email which may include safety materials, Fact Sheets, or safety information to share with their department. In addition, each DSC will be assigned a liaison from OES who is available to assist with their responsibilities: 

Some of the activities of the DSCs may include:

  1. Attend DSC meetings as scheduled (e.g., annual retreat or others as needed).
  2. Disseminate safety information from OES to personnel in the assigned department/division/group/shop or area, generally monthly.
  3. Disseminate and communicate safety information from OES that is considered important for communication to all faculty and staff.
  4. Participate in Annual Inspections conducted by OES when available.
  5. Notify OES of new PIs, supervisors, or employees in their department.
  6. Notify OES of PIs/supervisors/managers that will be leaving the university.
  7. Provide new employees the information on OES and the links for their training.
  8. Participate with incident investigations as needed.
  9. Assist with updating chemical inventories as needed (Facilities groups).
  10. Be a liaison for the people in the department/division/group/shop or area for safety related questions and information.
  11. Be a positive role model for safety.


Lab Setup & Closeout

Please see our Lab Safety page for details on starting up and closing out your lab.

Incident Reporting

Please visit the Injury, Incident or Illness page.

Monthly Safety Topics & Quarterly Meeting Presentations

Retreat Information & Materials



Vendor Information


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic this retreat was virtual.