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Occupational and Environmental Safety

Biosafety Training

Biohazardous Work

All research labs doing biohazardous work are required to take Biosafety and Biohazardous Waste training. 

Blood Borne Pathogens (BBP)

Personnel working in research labs with human materials must take "Blood Borne Pathogen for Research labs LIVE" training annually.  The initial training must be in a LIVE format. If there are no sessions scheduled, or if you can’t make any of the schedule sessions, contact the Biosafety Officer.  After the LIVE session, the online refresher session can be taken every year.

Employees who do NOT work in research labs but may be exposed to human materials (facility staff, custodians, landscape crew, health care staff) should take "Blood Borne Pathogens for Non-Research Labs" training.

Special in Person Training

In person trainings for Biosafety, Biohazardous Waste, Blood Borne Pathogens, General Safety, Teaching Labs or any other applicable topic can be provided for groups as needed.  To schedule, contact the Biosafety Officer.