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Budget Priorities

Poultry Science Research Facility

Nonrecurring Request: 4,785,000

The current facilities at the Morgan Poultry Center were constructed prior to or during the 1970s. The addition of new, active research scientists in the areas of poultry nutrition, food safety, genetics and animal behavior have created long waiting lists for facility use. Also, the existing facility does not provide environments that replicate current commercial poultry operations, making research 1) more labor intensive; 2) less applicable to commercial growers; and 3) less fundable by agencies. Renovation of the existing facilities would not be cost-effective.

The requested one-time funds would be used to build a new Poultry Science Research Center near Clemson’s main campus on the Piedmont Research and Education Center that will provide research, teaching and outreach support to a South Carolina poultry industry that represents 40% of all agriculture in the state, 80% of animal agriculture and accounts for approximately 13,000 jobs *

The new facility would include four poultry grower facilities, an egg layer facility and an intensive research facility located on the grounds of the recently decommissioned and soon-to-be-demolished Starkey Swine Center. Location of the Poultry Research Center on the decommissioned swine farm would allow expansion of poultry research capacity while capitalizing on existing swine facility utilities and infrastructure. Four poultry grower research houses will provide for multi-disciplinary research in the areas of nutrition, animal welfare, behavior, and stress physiology. The egg layer facility will support ongoing nutrition research and additional research in animal welfare, animal behavior and animal stress physiology, and animal health. An intensive research building will be constructed and equipped to allow researchers to conduct nutrient balance trials and other metabolism studies. All facilities will be fitted with state-of-the-art lighting, feeding, and ventilation systems which will allow faculty to simulate a variety of current industry-relevant growing conditions.   

Funding Request Breakdown

Need Cost

Professional Services/Fees


New Construction






Equipment and Materials


Site Development






* Source SC Poultry Federation Economic Impact

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