Washing Glassware

Test Tube Washing

Pour acetone into bucket under hood. Swirl basket with test tubes in acetone to remove numbers. Soak test tubes overnight in detergent solution. Fill clean rinsing bucket with deionized water. Rinse test tubes in basket three times in rinsing bucket using new water for each rinse. Dry test tubes in oven.

Washing Pipets

Put all pipets in one holder. Move pipet washer to sink. Place one alcotab tablet (under sink)in bottom of washer. Insert holder with pipets. Fill with water. Let stand 1 h. Rinse with water until no suds remain (make sure rinser is refilling). Rinse with deionized water 2 or 3 times. Remove clean pipets and drain tips up in racks.  Change acid water in pipet holders periodically. (2N HCL)

Washing Glassware

Run deionized water in dishpan adding some citranox detergent. All glassware, plastic bottles, stirbars, etc. are washed with soap with the exception of the volumetric flasks and their stoppers. First wash glassware with soapy water, rinse three times thoroughly with deionized water. Soak wet ash digestion tubes in a second dishpan of citranox for 30 minutes. If yellow deposits remain on tubes, soak overnight. Rinse three times with deionized water. If yellow deposits still remain, scrub with brush. Drain on cart. Next rinse stoppers or volumetric flasks three times thoroughly with deionized water. Drain on cart.