Information Bulletins

Pesticide Regulation’s Information Bulletin series answers some of the more commonly asked questions from the pest control industry, homeowners, and interested parties.  The bulletins are not meant to replace professional assistance from a licensed pest control operator or guidance from the Department of Pesticide Regulation.  If you need more details or have any questions about any of the Information Bulletins, please contact our main office at 864.646.2150.

Bulletin 1 & 2: Proper Pre-Construction Termite Treatments (223kb, pdf)

Bulletin 3: Proper Selection, Use, and Disposal of Pesticides (333kb, pdf)

Bulletin 4: Proper Storage, Sale and Display of Retail Pesticides (357kb, pdf)

Bulletin 5: How to Protect Honeybees from Pesticides (348kb, pdf)

Bulletin 6: How to Recycle Your Pesticide Containers (380kb, pdf)

Bulletin 8: Keeping Your Groundwater Safe From Pesticides (629kb, pdf)

Bulletin 9: Use of Foam Insulation Below Grade May Provide Access for Subterranean Termites (473kb, pdf)

Bulletin 10: How To Prevent Pesticide-Related Fish Kills (428kb, pdf)

Bulletin 11: Warning: Carefully Consider Pesticide Sales Before Making a Purchase! (226kb, pdf)

Bulletin 12: Selecting a Subterranean Termite Treatment For Your Home (509kb, pdf)

Bulletin 13: Keeping Your Pesticide Applicator License Current (243kb, pdf)

Bulletin 14: Factors to Consider When Selecting a Pest Control Company (148kb, pdf)

Bulletin 15: South Carolina Standards for the Control of Termites and Other Wood-Destroying Organisms (679kb, pdf)

Bulletin 16: Understanding Your Wood Infestation Report (258kb, pdf)

Bulletin 17: Pre-Treating Water-Saturated Soil: How Wet is Too Wet? (368kb, pdf)

Bulletin 18: Just Formosans (254kb, pdf)

Bulletin 19: Ants, Beetles, Bees, and Fungi: Other Wood-Destroying Organisms (503kb, pdf)

Bulletin 20: Proper Use of the Official Waiver of Standards Form (190kb, pdf)

Bulletin 21: Wood Infestation Reports and Termite Treatments on Properties with Divided Ownership (174kb, pdf)

Bulletin 22: Pesticide Application Notification, Applicator Records Maintenance, and Direct Supervision (305kb, pdf)

Bulletin 23: Annual Termite Inspections: The Regulatory Perspective (206kb, pdf)

Bulletin 24: Is It Active or Not, And How Do You Know? (170kb, pdf)

Bulletin 25: What is a “Warranty Sale,” and Why is It Prohibited? (321kb, pdf)

Bulletin 26: Significance and Treatment Of Drywood Termites (368kb, pdf)

Bulletin 27: Pest Control and Pregnancy (48kb, pdf)

Bulletin 28: Choosing a Lawn Care Company (108kb, pdf)

Bulletin 29: Keeping Your Turf and Ornamental Pest Control License Current (30kb, pdf)

Bulletin 30: How Pest Management Professionals Protect Your Home Against Wood-Destroying Organisms (344kb, pdf)

Brochure: Pesticide Poisoning Prevention and Emergency Respondents Serving South Carolina (178kb, pdf)

Brochure: Information About the Department of Pesticide Regulation (568kb, pdf)

Brochure: Groundwater Protection Program (577kb, pdf)

Brochure: Requirements for the South Carolina Recertification Program (136kb, pdf)