Pesticide Product Registration

Register Pesticide Products Online

  • Username and password are provided on renewal
  • Fees are calculated automatically
  • Credit Card or Check
  • Checks must be mailed 5 business days before your renewal is due
  • A $3.00 per product convenience fee is charged

Submitting Labels Online

Use your username and password provided on your renewal form

Application for Pesticide Registration

  • Submit along with $175.00 per product. Checks are made payable to Clemson University. Labels should be emailed to Pest Products.

Data Changes

  • Company name
  • Contact information
  • These changes should be emailed to Pest Products.


  • In order that products remain in the channels of trade will continue to be properly registered, State registrations must be supported for at least two years after the last date of Federal registration, the cessation of manufacturing or the last date of distribution of a product into South Carolina.
  • Changes to discontinuance should be emailed to Pest Products.

25b Products - Products that meet EPA's criteria for exemption are required to be registered. All procedures and fees are equal to regular products.

Technical Grade, Formulation Only, and Manufacturing Use Only products - These products do not have to be registered unless they bear an EPA Registration Number, are shipped into or through the state, or they have actual use directions for application of the product.

For more information about registering pesticide products in South Carolina, contact Pest Products.