Recertification Policy Memo

December 4, 2013


TO:                       Interested Parties

FROM:                  Tim Drake, State Programs Manager
                            Tammy Lark Lognion, Recertification Program Manager

SUBJECT:             Category-Specific Recertification Requirements

Beginning January 1, 2014, category-specific CEUs (Continuing Certification Units) will be required for all Commercial and Noncommercial pesticide applicators licensed in categories 3 (Ornamental and Turf Pest Control), 5 (Aquatic Pest Control), 7A (Structural, Institutional, and Health-Related Pest Control), 7B (Structural Fumigation), and 8 (Public Health Pest Control).  Three (3) category-specific CEUs will be required in categories 3, 5, 7B, and 8.  Twelve (12) will be required in category 7A.  These CEUs must be earned within the 2014-2018 recertification block.  To renew a license at the end of the new block (2018), all applicators must have a minimum of ten (10) CEUs, with the exception of licensees in category 7A, who will be required to accrue a minimum of twenty (20) CEUs within the specified block.   The overall number of CEUs required for applicators at the end of the block will be variable (from ten to 24), depending upon which and how many of the mandatory categories of licensure are held by the applicator (see detailed attachments).

Additionally, no more than one-half of an applicator’s required CEUs may be earned within the last year of the recertification block.  Any applicator not having at least one-half of his/her required CEUs by December 31, 2017, will not be allowed to renew a commercial or noncommercial license.  In these cases, the Core or Recertification and appropriate Category examinations will need to be taken in order to become licensed for the new block.

All CEUs earned in the final year of the block in excess of the required number will be carried over to the next recertification block.  Applicators that do not have any of the mandatory categories of licensure (3, 5, 7A, 7B, 8) will be required only to accrue CEUs in General/Core competencies up to the required minimum of ten.


Cc:          Dr. Joseph P. Krausz, Department Head
               Dr. Steve Cole, Interim Director RPSP