A-Z Staff List

Name Title Email Phone
Chelsey Bozich Pesticide Investigator cbozich@clemson.edu 912-552-2107
Diana Canaday Pesticide Investigator dcanada@clemson.edu 843-957-1727
Karen Claflin Program Coordinator kclafli@clemson.edu 864-646-2163
Steve Cole Director, Regulatory and Public Service Programs SCOLE3@clemson.edu 864-646-2122
Leslie Crawford Information Technology Manager leslie@clemson.edu 864-646-4004
Kevin DeLorenzo Structural Program Manager kdelore@clemson.edu 843-225-7065
Alan Estes Pesticide Product Registration Manager aestes@clemson.edu 864-646-2164
Leslie Godfrey Field Supervisor lgdfry@clemson.edu 803-935-6135
Beth Hardin Chemist bhardin@clemson.edu 864-646-2171
Tammy Henderson Private Licensing and Recertification Coordinator hendert@clemson.edu 864-646-2161
Cecil Hernandez Field Supervisor chrnndz@clemson.edu 843-225-7062
Dan James Pesticide Investigator wdjames@clemson.edu 803-403-7262
Connie Kelley Business And Commercial Licensing Coordinator ckelley@clemson.edu 864-646-2155
Kristin Lenox-Rustin Pesticide Investigator klenox@clemson.edu 843-696-5839
Tammy Lognion Environmental Health Manager/Special Programs Manager thghslr@clemson.edu 864-646-2169
Melonie Molloseau Grants/Enforcement & Regulatory Coordinator mmollos@clemson.edu 864-646-2144
Jerry Moore Hydrogeologist jpmr@clemson.edu 864-646-2150
Ryan Okey Assistant Director rokey@clemson.edu 864-646-2150
Callista Rice Business and Commercial Licensing Coordinator callisr@clemson.edu 864-646-2137
Matthew Rogers Pesticide Investigator rogers4@clemson.edu 864-655-5034
Michael Russell Pesticide Investigator russel4@clemson.edu 843-225-7063
J. Renea Saylors Information Technology Manager renea@clemson.edu 864-646-4004
Michael Tucker Pesticide Investigator mt6@clemson.edu 843-667-1393
Daniel Wallace Pesticide Investigator jdwalla@clemson.edu 803-639-9103
Michael Weyman Academic Program Director mweyman@clemson.edu 864-646-2150

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