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The Center for Watershed Excellence

sunny day at lake keowee with fog rising from water

The Clemson University Center for Watershed Excellence was designated as a Center of Excellence for Watershed Management by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the SC Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) in July of 2008 and renewed in 2013. The Centers for Watershed Management Program at EPA utilizes the diverse talents and expertise of colleges and universities from across the Southeast to provide hands-on, practical products and services so that communities can enhance watershed management activities.

The Center is taking a leadership role in water resources and watershed issues in South Carolina. The Center offers hands-on support, technical guidance, and programming resulting in the nurturing of local stakeholder groups working towards collaborative and locally-developed protection efforts for their watershed.

Critical to our mission, the Center seeks to engage a greater portion of our public so that all residents have a connection with their local waterways and a voice in their management. The Center evaluates projects based on economic needs and historic environmental and social injustices to create a more inclusive space for watershed protection and action.

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sc river in wooded area

Watershed Planning

A dynamic field of study that requires stakeholders with a variety of perspectives and knowledge to work across city, county, and state lines for the improvement of land management and water health.

Volunteers work with CWE staff to measure Dissolved Oxygen

Community Science

Technological developments have increased opportunities for residents to contribute data to better understand our environment, changing forever how we will manage our shared natural world.

Lake Keowee on a misty morning, Oconee County, SC

Lake Keowee Source Water Protection Team

A significant source of drinking water and a beloved recreational waterbody, Lake Keowee’s protection is being steered by a group of stakeholders investing time, money, and energy into its long-term protection.

Aerial drone footage of Lake Hartwell

Lake Hartwell Partners for Clean Water

Stakeholders from across SC and in GA are coming together to create initiatives that better protect Lake Hartwell for today and tomorrow.

Reedy River falls from a distance

SC River Stories

This archive has been developed to capture your stories of the richness of South Carolina’s waterways and how they shaped you as a person, family, and more.

The Center for Watershed Excellence
The Center for Watershed Excellence | 509 Westinghouse Rd, Pendleton, SC 29670