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    Brown Bag Series

    The Brown Bag Seminar Series is an opportunity for the Clemson University community to better understand research integrity and research compliance related topics. 

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    Bring your lunch and snacks will be provided.  These seminars DO qualify for one hour or RCR advanced training credit hours.  

    January 28, 2021 – Industry Sponsored Research: Building Partnerships with Industry

    University-Industry (U-I) research partnerships can produce transformative solutions to areas and sectors that face unique challenges. The U-I interface is a truly unique dynamic as each side brings strengths that create collaborations that are greater than the sum of its parts.

    Industry has the funding for research and the experience in product/service development and universities provide deep levels of scientific research. However, both universities and industry also have diverse goals and objectives that can make partnering a challenging prospects. Attendees of this session will have better clarity of perspectives from both sides and learn some of the tools and mechanisms to lay the groundwork for potentially long-term – and mutually beneficial – relationships.

    Presenter – Chase Kasper, CURF Director of Business Development
    Target audience – Faculty, staff, postdocs and students
    Location – via Zoom; 12pm-1pm
    Meeting ID: 977 1665 9222
    Passcode: 408259

    February 24, 2021 – Human Subjects Research Using Online Platforms

    Online platforms like Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk) are a powerful source for recruiting human research subjects. Research shows that when used correctly, these platforms can provide a large, high quality sample in a short amount of time at a fraction of the cost of traditional recruiting services. However, effectively using these platforms requires carefully navigating around a number of pitfalls that may jeopardize quality and/or ethical standards. In this virtual RCR brownbag talk, Dr. Kowalski and Dr. Knijnenburg will highlight these pitfalls in a best-practices rundown of the most popular online platforms, followed by a Q&A session to address questions regarding the use of online platforms for your particular research needs.

    Presenters – Robin Kowalski and Bart Knijnenburg
    Target audience – Faculty, staff, postdocs and students
    Location – via Zoom; 12pm-1pm
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    Meeting ID: 910 7297 2027
    Passcode: 459186

    April 8 2021 – Centering Equity in Research Collaborations

    Collaborative research teams are a desirable part of academic scientific research. Building collaborations combines different skillsets, strengths, and perspectives, enriching the research beyond what an individual researcher can accomplish.  Incorporating equity, diversity, and inclusion will only build stronger research teams.  This workshop will (1) introduce and expand equity, diversity, and inclusion concepts, (2) deepen participants capacity to critically analyze research collaborations, and (3) apply DEI concepts to research team case studies.

    Presenters – Natasha Croom, Associate Professor of Higher Education and Student Affairs & Special Advisor to the Dean for Diversity and Inclusive Excellence and Rachel Wagner, Associate Professor of Education and Organizational Leadership Development
    Target audience – Faculty, staff, postdocs and students
    Location – via Zoom; 12pm-1pm
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    Meeting ID: 957 6245 1103
    Passcode: 044087


  • Other Campus RCR Training

    Other Offerings

    May 4, 2021 – Inclusion in Research

    Join a conversation around Inclusion in Research. A panel consisting of experts and advocates in building equitable and diverse collaborations, and researchers whose presentations focus on inclusive topics, will discuss how we ensure Clemson research includes all voices.

    - Dr. Shelia Cotten, Assoc. VP for Research Development
    - Dr. Natasha Croom, Assoc. Professor in Education and Organizational Leadership
    - Dr. Terri Bruce, Director of the Clemson Light Imaging Facility
    - Dr. Jasmine Townsend, presenting Adaptive Sports for Individuals with Disabilities: Understanding Attitudes and impacts
    - Drs. Oriana Aragón and Brian Powell, presenting How gender representativeness within a department impacts teaching evaluations
    - Dr. Faiza Jamil, presenting A teacher like me: Closing the achievement gap through increasing ethnoracial congruence between teachers and students

    Target audience: Faculty, staff, postdocs and students
    Location: via Zoom; 3:15-4:45

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The library regularly offers courses on plagiarism and data management that qualify for one hour of RCR advanced training credit.  Please see the course schedule and register.

The Graduate School Professional Development office offers additional courses related to research, teaching, ethics, career development, leadership and wellness.

Questions?  Please contact Hope Smith-Sielicki, 864-656-1525

If faculty, staff and students would like to have specialized training or have suggestions for future programs, please contact Robin Tyndall, (864) 656-1525.