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Office of Research Compliance

IACUC Training

The Principal Investigator assures all personnel are qualified to perform all procedures indicated in the AUP, or that they will receive appropriate training prior to performing the procedures.

  • Clemson Personnel Training

    All Clemson University personnel (including students) that will be providing direct care or supervision of animals or working in research or teaching protocols that use vertebrate animals must be listed on the Animal Use Protocols (AUP) and complete the following:

    1. Online animal welfare training through the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) Program. These 2 courses must both be completed:

      • “Basic Course for Research Investigators, Students and Animal Care Staff”

      • “General Zoonotic Training”

    2. Enrollment in the Clemson University Medical Surveillance Program (MSP):

      • Complete the Occupational Health Animal Contact Wizard in SciShield.  If you need assistance with lab set up in SciShield, or if the form does not populate, please contact
    3. Review the Clemson University Personnel Training Policy 2.2 (PDF).

  • Non-Clemson Personnel Training

    All non-Clemson personnel who are working in research or teaching protocols that use vertebrate animals must complete the following:

    1. Non-CU personnel forms should be completed and uploaded in the personnel section of the Animal Use Protocol (AUP) application in InfoEd.

    2. Complete the Clemson University animal welfare training course on CITI called "Basic Course for Research Investigators, Students and Animal Care Staff"


      Provide evidence of other animal welfare training (approved by the IACUC)

    3. Provide a curriculum vitae (CV) or suitable alternate document

    4. Review the Clemson University Policy 2.3 (PDF) concerning non-Clemson Personnel participating in activities involving animals owned byClemson University.

  • Overview of CITI Training

    CITI is a third party provider of training for Clemson University. To obtain CITI training, the process in general is as follows:

    1. Register with CITI (if you haven't already)

      • Type and select "Clemson University" as the affiliated institution when creating your profile. You may also click the "Register" button located on CITI's home page to create an account.

      • There is no fee for the courses if you are affiliated with a Clemson University project.

    2. Login to CITI

    3. Add a course area

      1. You may need to choose View Courses then scroll down and choose to "Add A Course"

      2. Select "Live Vertebrate Animals (IACUC)" for the course area and click next then make the appropriate selections for your area.

    4. View and choose the correct course

      • See the Clemson and Non-Clemson training sections of this page for choosing the correct courses.

    5. A copy of the study team’s CITI completion certificate is required for IACUC approval.