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Office of Research Compliance


Obtaining and Submitting IACUC Forms

The InfoEd electronic protocol submission system is now available. All new requests for IACUC review must be submitted through InfoEd.

  • Protocol Forms

    Please use InfoEd to obtain and submit Animal Use Protocol (AUP) forms. It automatically generates the shortest electronic eform you require.

    For more information about requesting the use of animals please see the Clemson University Guidelines on Which Activities Require an Animal Use Protocol Policy 2.1 (PDF).

    • Initial Applications - Also known as an AUP (Animal Use Protocol), this is the first form you will submit to start the approval process.
    • Amendments - If you need to amend an AUP, submit an amendment using InfoEd. With Amendments you can:
      • Add personnel
      • PI changes
      • Request more animals
      • Modify the originally submitted AUP
    • Annual Reviews - IACUC requires that you submit an annual review form for each year your AUP is approved. Use InfoEd to do this.
    • Developmental Protocol - Submit a Developmental Protocol using InfoEd. No animal work can be completed under this type of protocol.
    • Incidents and/or Unexpected Outcomes - If there is an incident please submit one using InfoEd.
  • Clemson and Non-Clemson Personnel

    All Clemson and Non-Clemson personnel information is submitted and modified using InfoEd.

  • Hazardous Chemical Use in Vertebrate Animals

    Effective 12/16/22 IBC review is no longer required for hazardous chemical use in vertebrate animals.  Hazardous chemical use will be reviewed by Occupational and Environmental Safety (OES) in conjunction with your AUP.  Before submitting your IACUC AUP, you are encouraged to complete a Pre Chemical Use Review Form (XLS) and send to Kerri Kwist, The pre-review should streamline the process and you will have the option to upload this spreadsheet in lieu of completing the chemical hazards table in the AUP.

    PIs are welcome to review the AUP Chemical Review Flowchart (PDF) used by OES to determine if additional information is needed for chemical agent or pharmaceutical use.

  • Animal Concerns

    If you have an animal welfare concern associated with any animal used in a Clemson University activity, you may Report a Concern to the IACUC Office and attach the Animal Concern Form (DOC).

  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
    • SOP Template (DOC) - Example format for facility Standard Operating Procedures.

    • SOP Training Log (DOC) - Example format for facility Standard Operating Procedures training log.

    • SOP Guidelines (DOC) - Standard Operating Procedures Guidelines