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Office of Research Compliance


Compliance Simplified

Clemson University has deployed the InfoEd IRB, IBC, IACUC compliance modules to enable a more organized and efficient web-based electronic protocol submission for Principal Investigators and to reduce administration turnaround time. 

Commonly utilized by many top tier research universities, this system will save time with compliance tasks by allowing Principal Investigators to focus on their research while helping the institution manage risk more effectively.

Some InfoEd features include:

  • Principal Investigator electronic submission of new applications, application modification, incident reporting and project progress reporting
  • Dynamic eForms that minimize what must be submitted
  • Principal Investigator management and tracking of all protocol submissions
  • Automated monitoring of and notification of submissions, amendment requests and continuing review due dates
  • Tracks complete submission history
  • New eForms will be updated in real-time, removing the need to acquire the newest document version
  • How do I access InfoEd?

    You may click the InfoEd login button on the Office of Research Compliance home page or from within the InfoEd menus above or log in by clicking here. If you cannot log in, please contact ORC for assitance.

  • Do I have to use InfoEd?

    Yes. The InfoEd electronic submission process is the new standard mechanism to submit, review and approve IBC, IRB and IACUC applications at Clemson University. The old paper process is being sunset.

  • Where can I learn to use InfoEd?

    Check out the main InfoEd FAQ to begin. Next, visit the InfoEd Overview page to find an introductory video, step-by-step guides, walkthrough videos and recorded live sessions for each compliance program.

  • How will my old paper protocol be processed now?

    Each compliance program has a process:

    • IBC - If you submitted a paper protocol then it will remain paper until it expires this includes Amendments and Continuing Reviews. All new protocols with their subsequent Amendments and Continuing Reviews must be electronically using InfoEd.
    • IRB - If you submitted a paper protocol then the IRB Office will automatically convert it into an electronic InfoEd record for you. Amendments, Progress Reports and DA Extensions are submitted using InfoEd.
    • IACUC - If you submitted a paper protocol then it will be converted into an electronic record. You will give a new similar protocol number (AUP numbers are longer now... AUP2021-XYZ vs AUP2021-0XYZ). Your existing approval letter is still valid. You will be notified when this conversion happens. Once converted, Amendments, Annual Reviews are submitted electronically using InfoEd.
  • How can I obtain additional InfoEd help?