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The Department of Phyisics and Astronomy at Clemson University focuses on students experiencing firsthand the excitement of discovery, whether studying the behavior of matter or exploring the cosmos. Physics forms the basis of study upon which the other branches of science are founded. The department regulary publishes a newsletter (in print and online), hosts seminars and colloquia, and has attended and hosted conferences. Find out more about departmental activities on this page.


Department of Physics and Astronomy News

Schrödinger’s Tiger Newsletter

Current Issue

Schrodingers tiger logo with tiger paw.The current issue of Schrödinger’s Tiger was published in Fall 2022.

Previous Issues

Selected previous issues of Schrödinger’s Tiger are available for download.

Upcoming Events

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    Department of Physics and Astronomy
    Department of Physics and Astronomy | 118 Kinard Laboratory, Clemson, SC 29634