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Department Conferences

The Department of Phyisics and Astronomy at Clemson University typically hosts several conferences each year. Clickling the link of the event will open a web page specific to that conference.


Conference Schedule

Upcoming Conferences

24th International Workshop on Inelastic Ion-Surface Collisions — IISC-24

  • When: Sept. 10–15, 2023
  • Where: Charleston, South Carolina

The International Workshop on Inelastic Ion Surface Collisions covers the fundamental aspects of the inelastic interactions of particles with surfaces. It includes the following topics:

  • Energy loss of particles at surfaces.
  • Charge exchange between particles and surfaces.
  • Electron, photon and secondary ion emission due to particle impact on surfaces.
  • Ion induced desorption, electronic and kinetic sputtering.
  • Defect formation, surface modification and nanostructuring.
  • Laser induced desorption.
  • Scattering of atoms, ions, molecules and clusters.
  • Sputtering, fragmentation, cluster and ion formation in SIMS and SNMS.
  • Cluster/molecular and highly charged ion beams.

To find out more about this conference, visit the conference website.

Previous Conferences

Jan. 21–23, 2022: APS Conference for Undergraduate Women at Clemson

October 2020–May 2021: MOSCA Meeting (1 p.m. first Tuesday of each month)

May 13–16, 2019: SELAC 2019: Laboratory Astrophysics in the Era of Multi-Messenger Astronomy

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