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The study of the complex trait that yields the beautiful eyes that you inherited from your dad is actually a complex science — genetics. Geneticists study the molecular structure and function of genes and their behavior in order to understand how organisms inherit, and then pass on, characteristics to their offspring. You likely can already see how the concepts of heredity are important in medicine, but they are also very important to modern science and industry in areas such as biotechnology and agriculture. A genetics degree from Clemson is a strong preparation for many different careers.

Genetics (BS)
Genetics (M.S., Ph.D.)


Just below the surface of every living organism lies a complexity of millions of chemical reactions, each of which is necessary for an animal, plant or even virus to thrive. Even a simple task like eating an apple will kick your metabolism into gear with biochemical reactions that allow you to break down that apple into carbohydrates, proteins and fats, which in turn provide you with energy. This degree provides a strong preparation for many scientific careers and is an excellent foundation for professional health schools such as medical, veterinary, dental and pharmacy, as well as for graduate research in multiple science disciplines.

Biochemistry (BS)
Biochemistry & Molecular Biology (M.S., Ph.D.)

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