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Student Achievements

2021 Outstanding Graduate in Engagement

Sarah Murphy, Genetics

2021 Phi Kappa Phi Certificate of Merit

Tatum Sass, Genetics

2021 Outstanding Junior in Science

Allyson Drawdy, Biochemistry

2020 Certification of Undergraduate Degree by the American Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

English Laserna, Biochemistry

2020 Outstanding Senior in Science

Erin Mihealsick, Biochemistry

2020 Blue Key Academic and Leadership Award

Apoorva Mehta, Biochemistry

2019 Goldwater Scholar

Erin Mihealsick

2019 Phi Kappa Phi Certificate of Merit

Jason Erno

2019 Blue Key Academic and Leadership Award

Rami Major

2019 Outstanding Junior in Science

Erin Mihealsick

2018 Norris Medal

Leland Dunwoodie

2018 Phi Kappa Phi Certificate of Merit

Leland Dunwoodie

2018 Blue Key Academic and Leadership Award

Jason Erno

2018 Outstanding Undergraduate in Discovery

Bridget Luckie

2017 Best Poster Presentation Award at Southeastern Regional IDeA Conference in the Category of Infectious Disease/Immunology

Jessica Jones

2017 Senate President, Clemson Undergraduate Student Government

Leland Dunwoodie

2017 Blue Key Academic and Leadership Award

Leland Dunwoodie

2017 Phi Kappa Phi Certificate of Merit

Megan Hunt

2017 Outstanding Graduate Researcher Award

Jacquelyn Evans

2017 Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher Award

Lauren Gambill

2016 Algernon Sydney Sullivan Award

Stephen Patrick

2016 Norris Medal

Austin Herbst

2015 Algernon Sydney Sullivan Award

Amber Hackler

2015 Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship

Austin Herbst

Kaylee Kotwis

2015 Blue Key Academic and Leadership Award

Nate Diehl

2015 CAFLS Outstanding Graduate Student Teaching Assistant Award

Grace Kisirkoi

2015 Faculty Scholarship Award

Amber Hackler

2015 Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Scholarship

Damaris Collier

2015 Norris Medal

Brittany Avin

2015 Phi Kappa Phi Certificate of Merit

Brittany Avin

Nate Diehl

2015 Wade Stackhouse Graduate Fellowship

Rick Boyles

Zach Brenton

Grace Kisirkoi

William Poehlman

Stephen Nowak

2014 Alexander P. and Lydia Anderson Fellowship

Cheryl Jones

2014 Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship

Brittany Avin

2014 Clemson Scholar

Damaris Collier

2014 Wade Stackhouse Graduate Fellowship

Cheryl Jones

Kimberly Kanapeckas

2013 Algernon Sydney Sullivan Award

Douglas Morte

Kelsey Derrick

2013 National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship

Cheryl Jones

2012 National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship (Honorable Mention)

Cheryl Jones

Departmental Honors 2014–2019

Semester Honors Student Title Mentor
Fall 2019 BCHM Faith Keller Structure specific recognition of a DNA:RNA hybrid and implications for telomerase inhibition D. Arya
Fall 2019 GEN Meagan Prescott The role of Wee-1 homolog in cell cycle regulation in Cryptococcus neoformans L. Kozubowski
Spring 2019 GEN Sarah Aitken Virulence of Cryptococcus neoformans mutants lacking carnitine acetyl transferase genes K. Smith
Spring 2019 BCHM Anne Carroll Genetic origin of Trinidad Hill Rices (THR) A. Lawton-Rauh
Spring 2019 BCHM Matthew Cullen Characterization of the GmSIZ1promoter as a tool for plant biotechnology H. Luo
Spring 2019 GEN/BCHM Jason Erno Novel role of SSB1 and SSB2 in homology directed repair of DNA damage M. Sehorn
Spring 2019 BCHM Sean Greiner Killing FBH1-deficient cells by inhibiting RAD54-mediated resolution of RAD51 intermediates J. Mason
Spring 2019 GEN/BCHM Mackenzie Foster The effect of BRCA2 inhibition in cells with RAD54B translocase deficiency on RAD51 accumulation and genome stability J. Mason
Spring 2019 BCHM Corbin Morris Enzymatic characterization ofAcanthamoeba castellaniiglucokinase J. Morris
Spring 2019 GEN Annah Neiman A genetic investigation of inherited congenital myasthenic syndrome in a family of Great Danes L. Clark
Spring 2019 BCHM Namrata Paladugu Cryptococcus neoformans Anillin-like Protein CnBud4 is essential for growth at human body temperature and contributes to septin complex assembly L. Kozubowski
Spring 2019 BCHM Nelson Yeung Identifying a regulatory element in the 3’ UTR of the COXVI gene in Trypanosoma brucei J. Morris
Fall 2018 GEN Sydney Abrams Genetic investigation of common dental abnormalities in Shetland sheepdogs L. Clark
Spring 2018 BCHM Christin Anthony Localization and characterization of Xfp1 and Xfp2 in Cryptococcus neoformans K. Smith
Spring 2018 GEN/BCHM Philip Burkhardt Strategies to identify small-molecule lethal mechanisms in Trypanosoma brucei J. Morris
Spring 2018 BCHM Elizabeth Dawson Investigating the role of SYCP3 in homologous recombination M. Sehorn
Spring 2018 GEN/BCHM Leland Dunwoodie Discovery and validation of a glioblastoma co-expressed gene module A. Feltus
Spring 2018 GEN/BCHM Rusty Hawes Biochemical characterization of a novel variant of Entamoeba histolytica DMC1 M. Sehorn
Spring 2018 GEN/BCHM Bridget Luckie Examining the virulence and immunogenicity of a Cryptococcus neoformans mutant lacking two acetate transporters K. Smith
Spring 2018 GEN Lindsey Ratner A hard pill to swallow: Research into possible therapeutic developmentsfor treating Trypanosoma brucei J. Morris
Spring 2018 BCHM Jessica Schnorr Characterization of therecombination activities of insulin receptor substrate protein IRS-1 M. Sehorn
Spring 2018 BCHM Lauren Tracy Metabolism in Entamoeba histolytica: The role of hexokinase C. Ingram-Smith
Spring 2018 GEN/BCHM Sarah Waldvogel A truncation mutant of human BCCIP reveals interaction domains localized to the full-length protein’s alternatively spliced C-terminal tail M. Sehorn
Fall 2017 GEN Kendall Anderson Molecular study of congenital myasthenic syndrome in three dog breeds L. Clark
Fall 2017 GEN Manushi Patel CLE peptides in Medicago truncatula nodule regulation – a union of nitrate and nodulation signals? J. Frugoli
Fall 2017 BCHM Jessica Zielinski Screening gene deletion library of Cryptococcus neoformans to elucidate the role of septin proteins in cytokinesis L. Kozubowski
Spring 2017 BCHM Hilda Chan Identification of novel BCCIP interacting protein M. Sehorn
Spring 2017 BCHM Diana Fang FLC treatment in Cryptococcus neoformans leads to cell separation defect, and uncoupling of nuclear division and growth L. Kozubowski
Spring 2017 GEN/BCHM Megan Hunt The impact of acetate-utilizing mitochondrial transporters Cact, Sfc, and Dic on Cryptococcus neoformans virulence K. Smith
Spring 2017 BCHM Sarah Jenkins Characterization of protozoan hexokinases J. Morris
Spring 2017 GEN/BCHM Adam Luthman Biochemical characterization of HELLS branch migration in homologous recombination M. Sehorn
Spring 2017 GEN Jonathan Leach Investigation of the genetic cause of congenital myasthenic syndrome in a family of Great Danes L. Clark
Spring 2017 GEN Sarah Murphy From genotype to phenotype: Poly-A tail lengths correlate withdistinct coat patterns in Merle dogs L. Clark
Spring 2017 BCHM Diana Nguyen Short chain fatty acids and glycogen as possible fuel sources for Entamoeba histolytica C. Ingram-Smith
Spring 2017 BCHM Kathleen Nicholson The glucose-dependent localization of paraflagellar rod component 7 M. Morris
Spring 2017 BCHM Serena Walker Seeing spots: Effects of Hoechst analogs on cell cycle and lipid droplet characterization in Trypanosoma brucei K. Paul
Spring 2017 BCHM Taylor Werner Toward giving the brain eating amoeba a headache … Drug development to fight Naegleria fowerli J. Morris
Fall2016 GEN Gregory Lupinacci Investigating the role ofglyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase in Entamoeba histolytica metabolism C. Ingram-Smith
Spring 2016 GEN Corey Blanks Investigation of lanced and missing teeth in Shetland sheepdogs L. Clark
Spring 2016 BCHM Andre Bourg Purification of silk-like proteins from transgenic Leishmania tarentolae B. Marcotte
Spring 2016 BCHM Robert Calvert Knockdown of potentialfatty acid uptake genes in T. brucei K. Paul
Spring 2016 GEN Ashley Castelloe Solving the mystery ofthe silenced gene J. Frugoli
Spring 2016 BCHM Alex Davis Independent mutations in Sarcoglycan-δ cause Limb-Girdle Muscular Dystrophyin Boston Terriers L. Clark
Spring 2016 GEN/BCHM Austin Herbst Characterization of theDNA binding activity of Mei5 M. Sehorn
Spring 2016 GEN Lauren Jillson Acetate kinase and fructose 1,6-bisphosphatase in the fungal pathogen Cryptococcus neoformans K. Smith
Spring 2016 GEN/BCHM Kirin Khan The role of acetylation and phosphorylation on thebacterial enzyme acetate kinase C. Ingram-Smith
Spring 2016 GEN Brandon Kiser Investigation of dilatedcardiomyopathy in Great Danes L. Clark
Spring 2016 GEN Hannah Mosby Sorghum screening for enhanced performance through inoculation with Burkholderia phytofirmansStrain PsJN, a beneficial bacterial endophyte S. Kresovich
Spring 2016 BCHM Terral Patel Identification of signaling molecules involved in glycosome organelle regulation in Trypanosoma brucei M. Morris
Spring 2016 GEN Brittany Rosener Investigation of the genetic basis of congenital megaesophagus in the German Shepherd dog L. Clark
Spring 2016 GEN Jennifer Wilson Constitutive expression of miR408alters plant response to salt stress in transgenic Arabidopsis H. Luo
Fall 2015 BCHM Stephen Patrick Killing protozoan parasites: Phenotypic and target-based approaches J. Morris
Spring 2015 GEN/BCHM Brittany Avin Regulation of acetyl-CoA synthetase in Cryptococcus neoformans K. Smith
Spring 2015 GEN Laura Berglind Functional characterization of a Chinese Chestnut laccase 1 gene (LAC1) in Poplar H. Liang
Spring 2015 BCHM Kevin Dao An interesting connection? T. brucei hexokinase targeting and potential VDAC Interaction J. Morris
Spring 2015 GEN/BCHM Nate Diehl Human chromatin remodeler HELLS is a DNA-dependent ATPase M. Sehorn
Spring 2015 BCHM Amber Hackler Exploring programmed cell death as a potential target in the African Trypanosome J. Morris
Spring 2015 BCHM Kaylee Kotwis Is there TOO MUCH LOVE in Medicago truncatula nodule regulation? J. Frugoli
Spring 2015 GEN Taylor Luckie Investigating the role of Ack, Xfp1, and Xfp2 in Cryptococcus neoformans K. Smith
Spring 2015 GEN Erin Peterson CHRNE missense mutation in English Springer Spaniels having congenital myasthenic syndrome L. Clark
Spring 2015 GEN/BCHM Erin Ratterman Characterization of hDMC1 variant defective for binding calcium M. Sehorn
Spring 2015 GEN/BCHM Alyssa Shearer DNA repair by MUG2 glycosylase from Deinococcus radiodurans W. Cao
Spring 2015 BCHM Olga Uvarov Structural and functionalcharacterization of MeCP2 W. Cao
Fall 2014 GEN/BCHM Benjamin Arnson Regulation of activity of the acetate kinase from Salmonella enterica by phosphorylation C. Ingram-Smith
Fall 2014 GEN Katerina Lay Tracking the mechanistic and genetic origins of glyphosate herbicide resistance in Amaranthus palmeri populations across the U.S. A. Lawton-Rauh
Fall 2014 BCHM Michael Ortman Assessment of the N-terminal domain in the spider silk formation process W. Marcotte
Fall 2014 GEN Michaela Reinhart Regulation of Salmonella entericaacetate kinase through acetylation and phosphorylation: The Role of Lys-272 C. Ingram-Smith