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Stanley Lukawecki

Lukawecki"Luke" graduated from Southeastern Louisiana College in 1953, served in the army then entered Auburn University. He was awarded a PhD in applied mathematics from Auburn University in 1961 studying under Professor Ikenberry of the Physics Department on the use of partial differential equations to investigate the behavior of sound waves propagating vertically in a liquid containing layers of different densities. Luke taught at the Southwestern Louisiana College in 1962-63 and at the Texas Women's University in 1963-64. During the summers of 1963 and 1964 he worked at Huntsville on applications of mathematics using a Kalman filter and he accepted a position at Clemson in 1964 joining friends Clayton and Claire Aucoin, John Kenelly, and Bobby Prochaska. Luke was one of the investigators in a 5 year NASA grant (thru Huntsville) in the study of Kalman Filters. After teaching graduate level courses for three years he began to concentrate on the undergraduate portion of the program. He was heavily involved in the establishment of a mathematical sciences curriculum for undergraduates and became director of undergraduate studies, serving in that capacity for more than 10 years. Part of that activity was to be an advisor of the Manor Martin Club (later the Newtonian Society) for undergraduate majors and the honors club Pi Mu Epsilon. Other activities included trips to many high schools recruiting students to become mathematics (later mathematical sciences) majors. At one time the Department had over 200 undergraduate majors including John Bayne, Mike Yawn, Rhonda Aull, Laura Benson, and other outstanding students who went on to graduate schools in various locations. Luke also administered the American Association High School Mathematics Exam for 10 years and became active in SCTM. Finally he taught postgraduate courses for mathematics teachers in many locations (Greenville, Greenwood, Newberry, and Columbia). He married Ann Russell of Savannah (GA) in 1964 and they have two daughters.

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