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Contact Information

P: 864-656-3434

Campus Location

O-110 Martin Hall


Monday - Friday:
8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

School Resources

This page contains resources for faculty, staff and guests. Resources for students can be found in the academics pages of the school website. For general questions, please contact the school. Some resources for faculty and staff are restricted for internal use only. Click the Internal Resources button, below, to access those resources. A valid login will be required.


  • Administrative Resources
  • Building/Facilities Access

    Martin Hall Card Access

    Standard general access hours for anyone with a valid Clemson University ID:

    • E section basement: 7:30 a.m.–5:30 p.m.
    • E section floors one–three: 8 a.m.–4:30 p.m.
    • M section: 7:30 a.m.–5:30 p.m.
    • O section: 7:30 a.m.–4 p.m.

    SMSS faculty and grad students have access until midnight seven days a week. A card access change request will need to be submitted if a change in access is needed.

    A card access change request will need to be submitted at least one week in advance for any activity where someone or some group would need access outside their of access hours (help sessions, testing, study groups, office hours, SMSS activities, meetings, seminars/colloquia).

    By submitting a card access change request, you are requesting a change to your card access to Martin Hall. Requests will be reviewed by the building security coordinator and appropriate approvals will be requested. Please include issue, requested change, location, time of day, and day(s) of week. A list of XIDs and names will need to be provided for group access requests. You will be notified once appropriate approvals have been received and the change has been implemented. If you have questions or need to provide additional information regarding your request, please contact April Haynes, the building security coordinator.

  • Employee Sick Leave

    The following links provide information about employee sick leave:

  • IT/Software

    The following resources are available:

  • Logos, Letterhead and More

    For complete branding assets, please visit the communications and marketing department webpage. On that page, use the link to the brand asset library. Logos, Zoom backgrounds, letterhead and more can be found in the library.

    Use of branded assets is restricted to official school business.

  • Purchasing and Procurement

    Use the School Order Approval Form to initiate purchases.

    School Guidelines

    Purchases must follow the State and University procurement regulations. All School of Math and Statistical Sciences purchases are to be made by the business manager or by the office manager in the absence of the business manager. Office manager will verify that purchases have been received. Business manager will verify purchase receipts if order is placed by office manager.

    Utilization of the school credit card is the preferred method for official University purchases under $2,500. Only the business manager, executive assistant and office manager have access to the school credit cards. Purchases made by individuals expecting reimbursement will be considered an unauthorized attempt to commit University funds; therefore, Clemson considers the acquisition effort null and void and will decline to pay any invoice that might be issued.

    The state has term contracts for various commodities. These contracts are accessible via Materials Management Office’s website on the internet. Purchasing from the state term contracts is mandatory (unless noted otherwise); however, if a vendor offers a price that is at least 10 percent less than the term contract price for the same goods or services, the purchase may be made from the vendor offering the lower price if the contract vendor will not meet the lower price. Documentation must be retained on file.

    A purchase requisition must be done for purchases over $2,500. Purchases in this category include (but not inclusive) consultants, reoccurring expenses with one vendor, equipment and furniture.

    The school has established a pre-approval form that is required of any purchase before it is made. The director establishes in writing a list of designees that can approve purchases on this form. As items are needed, requestee completes and routes the pre-approval form through the approval process and obtains the authorized approval (by the director or designee) for the procurement. When the supplies are received, the person receiving the goods signs the receipt acknowledging that the supplies were received. That receipt, along with the signed pre- approval form, is turned in and the DPV is entered and payment made.

    University Procurement Policies

    Find out more about Clemson’s procurement policies on the Procurement Policies and Procedures webpage.

  • Paycheck Schedules and Payroll Requests

    Paycheck Schedules

    The University pays employees on the 15th and the last day of the month. If the 15th or last day of the month falls on a weekend, the payday will be the Friday prior to the weekend. Faculty is paid for their current time worked on a nine-month schedule. Staff and students are paid on a 12-month schedule and there is a two-week lag.

    Useful information:

    Payroll Requests

    The following forms are Qualtrics forms and will open in a new window:

  • Parking and Visitor Parking
    Parking and Transportation Services is responsible for issuing vehicle parking permits, receiving parking citation payments and maintaining records of parking permits and parking citations issued to violators of the Clemson University Parking Regulations.

    To request a temporary visitor pass for guests coming in on departmental business please contact the main departmental office at least 24 hours in advance. A visitor pass can not be used for employees or students of the university. If you have lost or forgot your parking decal you will need to contact Parking and Transportation Services.
  • Room Reservations/Calendar

    Below are the calendars for the Martin Hall conference rooms:

    Please submit the Martin Hall Card Access Change Request if you would like to reserve a room.

    If you have an event that needs to be placed on the school calendar, contact April Haynes or Lynn Callahan. The calendar is updated on a regular basis and should be utilized when scheduling visitors.

  • Speakers and Visitors

    Access these online forms for speaker requests and visitor reimbursements:

  • Travel Guidelines and Sabbaticals

    Travel Guidelines and Procedures

    A number of key travel policy and procedures are outlined here. The goal is to keep everyone compliant with Clemson University and College of Science policies.

    Travel for faculty, staff and students: Domestic or international needs to be approved in advance and prior to incurring any travel expense.

    All domestic and international travel requests and expense reimbursements must be submitted through Concur. If you have any questions regarding travel and reimbursement, contact the appropriate accounts payable and receivable accountant.

    Invited Guests

    When inviting guests to Clemson (guest speakers, job candidates), travel should be booked by Clemson through the University travel agent instead of reimbursing the guest. Provide Lynn Callahan the travel information to initiate the reservation and payment.


    The sabbatical leave program provides an opportunity for Clemson University faculty to continue their professional development. The purposes of sabbatical leave are to relieve faculty of normal duties so that they might pursue significant projects facilitating their professional growth and development, thus enhancing their future contributions to the mission of the University.

Contact Information

P: 864-656-3434

Campus Location

O-110 Martin Hall


Monday - Friday:
8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.