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James A Reneke

RenekeJim Reneke received his Bachelor's and Master's degrees at the University of Florida. He did his doctoral work at the University of North Carolina in a well-established program with many imminent scholars. His major professor was John MacNerney who was quite busy with good students at that time. (Many of Jim's life-long friendships were formed with these students.) After receiving his degree in 1964, he accepted a position at Newberry College for two years and came to Clemson University in 1966.

Jim's early interest was in the area of integral equations in abstract spaces and he is well published in that area. He proved the spaces could be chosen so that hereditary systems with stochastic elements may be studied and Jim has papers in this area as well as in the control of such systems and how to estimate parameters to fit data. Some of this work is joint with authors such as R. E. Fennell and Roland Minton. In other research he joined with other faculty (principally, A.K. Bose and Alan Cover) to study point dissipative nonlinear systems. Lately Jim has joint work with several authors on the subject of a performance-based approach to make decisions in multiple application areas.

Jim has directed four doctoral students (Golightly, Minton, Shelton, and McIntyre) and several master's degree students. He has taught both graduate and undergraduate courses and has participated in several multi-investigator research grants as well as several single investigator grants. Jim has been invited to speak at five international conferences and many conferences in this country.

One of Jim's principal contributions to our department is his ability to stimulate fellow faculty members in productive research. He has over fifty publications including one book and has spent sabbatical years at the University of Houston and the University of Tennessee.

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