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Current Students

This page is a resource for our new and current students. We are glad that you are here and hope that this is helpful.

2020-2021 Graduate Student Handbook for School of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences 

New Students

For those moving to the area for the first time or just relocating, here are links to housing information and to our campus map. The School of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences is located in Martin Hall pictured above.

Current Students

Overview of Degree Programs and Timelines

Course Information

Other Policies and Deadlines

In addition to policies outlined on this page, the School of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences must follow all policies of the Graduate School. Below are links to additional policies and deadlines of which students should be aware.

Research Opportunities

In order to transition from student to researcher (the goal of every successful graduate student) students, especially those new to research, must continually immerse themselves in available research opportunities. We recommend that students attend at least 2 seminars per week: first year seminar or graduate student seminar and a research seminar of your choice.

  • The first year seminar is a great place to gain a better understanding of faculty research areas and to meet a research advisor.
  • The graduate student seminar is a fantastic place to learn about the research projects of your peers and to give your first talk(s).
  • School research seminars allow exposure to various areas of research at a deeper level.
  • Graduate students are encouraged to travel to research conferences in their area of specialty as often as possible. The school provides some limited financial support for such travel which can be requested by completing a Graduate Travel Request Form.
  • International Exchange Programs.