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University of Bremen

The School of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences at Clemson University and the Center of Industrial Mathematics at the University of Bremen agree to a cooperative program for Graduate Students.  The primary purpose of the program is to give students an international experience in graduate school.  Additional purposes are to promote joint research and educational experiences between the universities, to enhance faculty and other exchanges between the universities, and to strengthen international cooperation.  The program is directed at the preparation of highly qualified and internationally aware graduate students.


Clemson University graduate students who have completed their first year of study will participate in a summer program at Bremen for a period of two and a half months.  At Bremen, participating Clemson students will take one mathematics course for four weeks, work on a research project for another four weeks as a part of their pre-determined research project, and spend another two weeks for writing up the project.  The Center of Industrial Mathematics will offer the summer course in English as well as supervise research projects in English.  A maximum of four Clemson students may participate in this program every year.


In order to participate in the cooperative program, students must have completed two semesters of graduate studies at Clemson University.  Additional academic standards will be required by the University of Bremen.


Admissions decisions for the summer program at the University of Bremen for Clemson students in Mathematical and Statistical Sciences will be based on academic records at Clemson and on recommendations by the faculty members at Clemson.  At most, four Clemson students can participate in the summer program each year.  Clemson students participating in the summer program will be exempted from any language requirement for admission to summer programs at the University of Bremen.  In particular, Clemson students en route to their PhD or students interested in a Master’s Thesis option are most encouraged to apply for this program.

Final Degrees

Clemson University students will receive a certificate of participation in the summer program from the University of Bremen.  The intent of the summer program is to supplement the Clemson graduate program with international experience for Clemson students as well as foster research collaboration between Clemson and the University of Bremen.

Financial Assistance

Students from Clemson participating in the program will be offered a summer graduate research assistantship from the School of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences at Clemson.  The Center of Industrial Mathematics will supplement the summer support for graduate students by covering local expenses in Germany – to include student accommodation and some expense money for the summer.  Airfare and other expenses related to travel in Europe are the responsibility of the participating Clemson student

For further information contact: Dr. Taufiquar Khan, O-201 Martin Hall, phone 864-656-3257, or email