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Russian Academy of Sciences

The School of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences at Clemson University and the Institute of Machine Sciences at Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow, Russia (IMASH) agree to implement a Graduate Student Exchange Agreement. The purpose of this agreement is to enhance the educational experience and the cross-cultural understanding of students and faculty from both institutions. The program is directed at the preparation of highly qualified and internationally aware graduate students.


Clemson University graduate students who have completed two semesters of study are eligible to participate in the program at IMASH for either a full semester or for a shorter, summer program. The purpose of each student exchange will be to enable students to take classes and/or engage in research activities at, but not to pursue a degree from, IMASH. Academic work passed at IMASH will normally be accepted for credit towards the MS or PhD degree at Clemson.


In order to participate in the student exchange, students must have completed two semesters of graduate studies at Clemson University. Additional academic standards will be required by IMASH.


Students will be screened for eligibility for admission to the student exchange with respect to the standard rules, regulations, and availability of positions at IMASH ( Prospective Semester Track students should follow the admissions procedures or IMASH as described on their web site ( Semester Track admissions decisions will be based on academic records and faculty recommendations. Students must also meet requirements of language proficiency whose first language is not Russian. At most two Clemson students may participate in the Semester Track. Admissions decisions for the Summer Program at IMASH will be based solely on academic records and recommendations by the faculty members at Clemson. At most four Clemson students can participate in the summer program and will be exempted from any language requirement for admission at the IMASH, however enrollment in a Russian language class while at IMASH is encouraged.

Financial Assistance

Students from Clemson participating in the Semester Track will be offered graduate assistantships at the IMASH equivalent to those that are offered to graduate students at IMASH. Clemson students participating in the Summer Program at IMASH will be offered regular summer graduate assistantships by the Department of Mathematical Sciences. Airfare and other expenses related to travel in Europe are the responsibility of the participating Clemson student.

For further information, contact Dr. Irina Viktorova, O-219 Martin Hall, email, or phone 864-656-6906.