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Typical Timeline for M.S. Degree

Semester 1

      • Focus on finishing three breadth courses.  
      • If this is a spring semester, then attend the first year seminar.  
      • International students should enroll in our language improvement course and work toward passing the Clemson English Speaking Proficiency (CESP) test.

Semester 2

      • Finish breadth requirements and attend first year seminar.  
      • Students who are supported as TAs should participate in the department's teacher training course (which runs in spring only).  
      • Choose a research adviser.
      • Work with your adviser to identify a research committee (two more faculty members) and submit a committee selection form via iROAR.
      • Ideally students will identify their research projects and get started with research at the end of the second semester.

Semester 3

      • Work with your research adviser to complete a plan of study. This should be submitted via iROAR early in the third semester.
      • Students should make significant progress on their research projects by the end of the third semester.
      • This is often when those on TA support begin their teaching responsibilities.

Semester 4

      • There are many things to complete this semester before you graduate. Be sure to check the graduate school deadlines for thesis defenses and graduation applications.
      • Complete your research project.
      • Write up your project or thesis.
      • Defend the thesis or project. The defense will need to be scheduled through Julie McKenzie.
      • Graduate!