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Prelim Exams and Coursework

Current Prelim Policy: Graduate students are required to receive at least 2 Strong Passes and an additional Pass or Strong Pass without accumulating 4 Fails within 2 years of entering the PhD program. MS students are allowed to take prelims and all passes and fails will count toward their progress. Any prelims taken by a graduate student become part of their permanent prelim record.

Listed below are the examination areas and the preparatory coursework for each exam.

Algebra & Discrete Math Math 8510, 8530
Analysis Math 8210, 8220
Computational Math

Math 8600, 8610

Operations Research Math 8100, 8130
Statistics Math 8040, 8010
(Math 8000 is a helpful prerequisite for these courses)
Stochastic Math 8030, 8170

Current students can also view past exams and syllabi.