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Bachelor of Arts in Mathematical Sciences

Students pursuing a B.A. in mathematical sciences must complete a four-semester sequence of a modern language, two semesters of lab sciences, and either an approved minor program or a second B.A. in another department. By far the most common second major is in secondary education with a mathematics emphasis, taken by undergraduates who plan to teach high school mathematics. Common minors paired with a B.A. in mathematical aciences include business administration, history, philosophy, a modern language, international science and engineering, and theatre. 

Students interested in pursuing a double-major with secondary education will have secondary education as their primary major and mathematical sciences as their secondary major.  Primary advising will be conducted through the secondary education department, but we encourage all double-majors to check in with a mathematics adviser periodically as well. 

The Undergraduate Announcements are the final word on degree requirements, but you may use the advising flowchart below as a resource to help in course planning.

Course Flowchart (Bachelor of Arts) 2015-2016
Course Flowchart (Bachelor of Arts) 2016-2017

If you have any questions about undergraduate classes or degree programs in Mathematical Sciences, please contact the Undergraduate Coordinator at