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Major in Mathematical Sciences

Mathematics is the underpinning of all the sciences. The study of mathematics has beauty in its own right as well as applications across virtually every field of interest. Studying mathematics trains the mind to analyze and make connections between different concepts. In industry, mathematicians often provide the support structure enabling engineers and non-technical personnel to communicate effectively. That flexibility and power may help explain why mathematical sciences majors:

  • score very well on graduate school admissions exams such as the LSAT, MCAT, and GRE,
  • have significantly higher than average starting salaries,
  • have among the highest overall job satisfaction, and
  • obtain a wide range of private sector jobs, as well as academic jobs,

Whether you already know what you would like to do with a degree in mathematical sciences, or whether you are simply exploring your options, we invite you to consider the information provided here.

Peer Mentoring

The School of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences provides team-based peer mentoring. Incoming freshmen are assigned, in teams of 3-5, to an upperclass peer mentor. Teams meet on a regular basis for social activities, mathematical enrichment, academic support, and informal peer advising. All incoming freshmen are assigned to a mentor team at Summer Orientation.

Undergraduate Degree Programs

We offer both a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) and a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree. Majors in both degree programs take the same core mathematics courses:

  • MATH 1060 Calculus of One Variable I
  • MATH 1080 Calculus of One Variable II
  • MATH 2060 Calculus of Several Variables
  • MATH 2080 Intro to Ordinary Differential Equations
  • MATH 2500 Introduction to Mathematical Sciences
  • MATH 3020 Statistics for Science and Engineering
  • MATH 3110 Linear Algebra
  • MATH 3190 Introduction to Proof
  • MATH 3600 Intermediate Mathematical Computing
  • MATH 4120 Introduction to Modern Algebra
  • MATH 4530 Advanced Calculus I
  • MATH 4920 Professional Development
  • 6-unit capstone experience in the senior year

Each degree option has additional upper-division mathematics coursework specific to the degree and emphasis area. Some degree options have specific course requirements for satisfying Clemson University's general education requirements. Students should select the degree option that enables them to pursue the coursework of most interest to them. To get more specific information, click on either of the options.

B.A. in Mathematical Sciences

B.S. in Mathematical Sciences


Study Abroad

Whether it’s a short, faculty-led program, or a full semester or year abroad, we encourage all interested majors to pursue study abroad opportunities in consultation with their adviser.


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